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I have worked for industry and government clients at international, state, and local levels. Experienced in research, analysis, process development, course development, and social media.

My goal is to be on the cutting edge of what’s happening. Throughout my career, I have enhanced organizations by providing actionable intelligence to decision makers. Actionable intelligence can be from external or internal sources. It can be providing market leads, financial analysis, threat information, or data on how internal processes are working.

Military intelligence veteran expanding my career in the corporate sector. Building experience in Market Research, Business Strategy, Financial Analysis, Communication Strategy, and Competitive Intelligence.

Also available for military/defense positions that would build upon my previous experiences and education, preferably in Intelligence, Program/Process Development, or Media Analysis. Extensive Middle East expertise as well as knowledge and background in Irregular Warfare.


  • Experience in Intelligence Analysis, Process Analysis, Process Documentation, Business Strategy, Market Analysis, Social Media Management, and Freelance Writing.
  • Government clearance granted June 2016.
  • Experience with Special Operations Forces and conventional US military forces.
  • MBA in Process Management / Creativity and Innovation.
  • Master’s degree in International Affairs with an emphasis on Middle East history and thesis on the Kurdish military.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and proven ability to meet project deadlines consistently.
  • Able to visualize and communicate “big picture” initiatives and processes.
  • Able to work in high pressure environments in less than ideal conditions.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Social Media platforms, and Military Intelligence programs.
  • Published author.
  • Occasional stand-up comic.

Contact me:

I am reachable via email: mglortz(at)gmail.com.

LinkedIn: Michael G. Lortz
Twitter: @JordiScrubbings


2 thoughts on “Welcome to MichaelLortz.com

  1. Norma Robinson

    Greetings Michael
    Am interested in a contact person for the Belmont Heights Little League.
    Museum putting in grant for “Home Town” about sports. Would like [1] letter of support [2] info history on how sports has helped youth [3] participation in events if we are awarded exhibit.


  2. Norma Robinson

    would like name of contact person for Belmont Heights Little League.
    Museum writing grant for “Home Team” about sports.
    Would like [1] letter of support [2] histor of how sports has helped youth and community [3] participation in exhibit programming if we receive

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