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Calling Sidd Finch. Calling Sidd Finch.


First it was Pedro, now El Duque is hurt. With the Mets slowly running out of pitchers, can Omar Minaya and Willie Randolph take a flight to Tibet or Nepal or wherever and hunt down Sidd Finch? Faster than Pedro, craftier than El Duque, Sidd Finch is the Mets’ only hope. And at only 50 or 51 years old, Finch would still be the second oldest on the team to Julio Franco.

What would Sidd Finch bring to the Mets? Only a blazing fastball with impeccable control. Try and hit that, Los Angeles Dodgers. If the Mets can get Finch on the mound for Games 1 and 5, pray Glavine, Trachsel, or Maine get a win somewhere in between, all they have to do is wait for San Diego or St. Louis to come to town. (Preferrably the Padres, even with Finch on the mound Pujols still scares me.)

But who is Sidd Finch, you ask? For you youngsters out there, he pitched a few games for the Mets in 1985. Mastered the art of the pitch long before Greg Maddux. Struck almost everyone out. And did I mention he threw over 165 mph? (See links sidebar for more on Sidd Finch.)


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  1. I kinda feel bad for doing this.. as it’s been such a well kept secret.

    Back in ’85 I was in Junior High School. My Applied Arts teacher Mr. Berton was involved somehow with the Sidd Finch story (maybe he was friends with Plimton or the photographer).

    Long story short – Mr Berton was Sidd Finch (guy in the photo). I even have a signed Sidd Finch baseball card packed away somewhere to prove it.

    Mr. Berton

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