Florida State: Fuzzy Math National Champions. Ok, how about The Eastern Michigan Eagles?

By | January 9, 2007

As a Florida State fan and alumnus I can not allow the University of Florida to wallow in their victory against Ohio State and proclaim themselves National Champions. Of course, following the game many writers across the nation voted Florida number one in each and every poll, but who says they are correct? Not I, says me.

Yes, on the surface, the Florida Gators appear to be National Champions. They pummeled Ohio State, the former number one team in the country. But are the Gators really National Champs? Although we let the BCS computers and the voters decide all season, let’s look at college football through the lens of fuzzy math.

Who should be number one?:

Ohio State? The Buckeyes lost to Florida in the Fiesta Bowl. Nope.

Florida? Defeated Ohio State, yet lost to Auburn during the season. Sorry.

Auburn? Lost to Arkansas. Nyet.

Arkansas? Lost to USC. Nada.

USC? Defeated Michigan in the Rose Bowl, however, lost to UCLA. Nope.

UCLA then? Defeated USC, however, lost to Florida State in the Emerald Bowl.

Ipso facto, Florida State should be National Champions. Right?

Ok, maybe not. Florida State lost to Clemson, which did lose to Maryland, who convienently lost to West Virginia, who was defeated by South Florida, who was beaten by Kansas, who lost to Toledo, who was defeated by Eastern Michigan. And since Eastern Michigan only had one win, shouldn’t it count for something?

The Eastern Michigan Eagles
: The Serious Tip’s 2006 college football National Champions.

– Jordi


10 thoughts on “Florida State: Fuzzy Math National Champions. Ok, how about The Eastern Michigan Eagles?

  1. Jay

    Well done, sir. And mathematically more valid than any voting nonsense. All hail our Eagle overlords!

  2. AWebb

    Glad to finally see my alma mater’s football team win something!

  3. Anonymous

    It should be Boise State, who beat Oregon State, who beat USC, who beat Arkansas, who beat Auburn, who beat Florida. Broncos all the way.

  4. Anonymous

    A result that Stephen Colbert would deem acceptable.

  5. kbob

    My beloved Eagles Football Team. FINALLY out from under the shadow of Earl Boykins.

  6. Anonymous

    Vanderbilt is the champ.

    Beat UGA who beat Auburn who beat Florida. Pretty simple math

  7. Anonymous

    You are Fu@#$n stupid. Florida is champs. By the way they beat Florida State.

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