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A Seminole NIT Championship Aborted


The Mississippi State Bulldogs put an end to Al Thornton’s college career and Florida State’s NIT championship aspirations by defeating the Noles 86-71 Tuesday night.

Because it’s late I am going to do a wrap-up in bullet form, giving Tomahawk Ups to the positives and Tomahawk Downs to the negatives.

Tomahawk Ups

To Isaiah Swann, who scored 31, including 9 of 13 from three-point land. He was flat-out unstoppable.

To Al Thornton, who although he didn’t score his usual 20, filled his line with 16 points, 6 rebounds, 3 steals, and 2 blocked shots.

To Toney Douglas, who had 12 points and 5 assists.

Outside of these three however, nobody else did anything. Leading me to my Tomahawk Downs.

Tomahawk Downs

To Uche Echefu and Ryan Reid, who each had 5 turnovers and played as if the ball was covered in butter. Remember when I said these two needed to “play big down low“? Well, that didn’t happen. Mississippi State big man Charles Rhodes scored 14 points and pulled down 6 boards. Between Echefu and Reid’s offensive ineptitude and lack of defensive presence, it almost seemed as if the Noles were playing a man down the entire game. Speaking of playing shorthanded …

To Al Thornton. Yes, he scored. Yes, he played well. When he was on the floor. Thornton couldn’t avoid the foul bug against the Bulldogs. After quickly getting two in the first five minutes, Thornton was forced to ride the bench as the Bulldogs slowly piled on the points. Then, to make things worse, Thornton got two more fouls in the first few minutes of the second half. After fouling out of the game against North Carolina, Thornton should been ready for opponents to come after him like that. Which allows a smooth North Carolina-related segue to …

To whomever was supposed to be guarding Ben Hansbrough. Apparently, the Hansbrough family has a vendetta against Florida State as Little Hansbrough followed in his brother Tyler’s victorious footsteps, lighting the Noles up for 12 points and 7 rebounds. 7 rebounds! From a 6’3″ backup guard! Someone needed to box out and keep Little Hansbrough off the boards. No excuses.

To the bench. Ralph Mims, Casaan Breeden, Jerrel Allen, and Ryan Reid scored a whopping total of five points. Add in the zero Uche Echefu scored, and that is an average of one point per player for nearly half the team. Amazingly inept.

Anyway, that’s all for Seminole Basketball 2006-07. Not a bad ride. A bit disappointing, but one does what one can with what one has. With the season over, odds are the next time I write a Seminole Basketball post will be the day we find out what NBA jersey Al Thornton will be wearing next year. A Knicks’ one, perhaps?


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  1. Oh I hope he doesn’t end up with the Knicks. You know it’s been a disappointing year when you had to look to the Seminole’s NIT performance for some FSU fufillment.

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