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The Serious Tip Mourns The Fallen


Like many throughout the nation and across the world, I would like to extend my prayers and condolences to the victims and families of those affected by Monday’s horrific tragedy at Virginia Tech.

During my time as a college columnist, I once wrote a piece expressing my personal sorrow over the deaths of a student and a professor, both of whom were taken too soon before the summer semester five years ago. As both men affected my time in academia, it was without a doubt a very difficult piece to write. Possibly the most difficult of my writing career. So as a show of support to those who struggle to put to words the feelings of an entire campus, here are links to the most recent columns of the Virginia Tech student newspaper.

The Culture of Violence – Brett Morris

Focus on the victims, not the recriminations – Tim Edson

What I want Virginia Tech to be remembered for – Devin Stone

Virginia Tech Faces Aftermath of Tragedy – Collegiate Times Editorial Board

Also take a moment to read some of the writings at Planet Blacksburg: the unofficial student-run news website of the Virginia Tech Hokies. Especially Caroline Epley’s Viewed From Afar, Tech Has Stood Tall.

More insight by Nick Dallamora, Virginia Tech student and co-blogger at The Dugout and AOL Fanhouse:

The Virginia Tech Massacre Through Hokie Eyes

Through Hokie Eyes: The Day After at Virginia Tech

Through Hokie Eyes: Convocation and Vigil

Through Hokie Eyes: Paying Respects

In closing, I would like to give kudos to the Washington Nationals for their touching on-field tribute to Virginia Tech. Good job, gentlemen.

– Jordi


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