Travellin’ Mark Redman

By | April 9, 2007

So this weekend as I watched the Mets play the Braves I saw a familiar face. Pitching for the Braves was former Florida Marlin Mark Redman.


Mark Redman.

Again, who?

Admittedly, my knowledge of former Marlins is second in minutiae to my buddy Zheke Snow, but if you didn’t know, Mark Redman pitched for the Marlins during their 2003 World Championship season. Now he toils for the Braves. As a fourth starter.

In an era where baseball owners “make it rain” for mediocrity and pitchers like Gil Meche and Kris Benson get nearly 10 million or more a year for being sadly average, why is Mark Redman being signed as a minor league free agent and making less than a million?

Let’s compare Redman to Benson:

Benson’s career record: 68-73. 2007 salary: $7,977,889.
Redman’s career record: 64-77. 2007 salary: $750,000.

And Mark Redman doesn’t come attached to the annoyance that is Anna Benson.

How does this make sense? How is Redman making 1/10 of Benson’s salary? How has he been on seven teams in the last seven years? (Since 2000, Redman has pitched for the Twins, Tigers, Marlins, A’s, Pirates, Royals, and now the Braves.)

I’ll admit I have a soft spot for junk balling lefties (I was one myself in little league), but how can a left-handed starter who has averaged 30 or more starts a year not find a steady home?

I think Mark Redman needs a better agent.

- Jordi


3 thoughts on “Travellin’ Mark Redman

  1. MCBias

    Nice inside info; I had never heard of him either, but he can’t be that bad, if he’s 4th starter on the Braves.

  2. stopmikelupica

    Ha, I use to own Redman in a Fantasy Baseball League for a few seasons. I learned the way of the Redman. I’ll have a post up about it tomorrow!

  3. SeƱor Macho

    I think that he is doing an excellent job of demonstrating why nobody wanted him. Kris Benson, who, because of injury, has yet to throw a pitch for the Orioles, has been more valuable to his team than Redman has been to the Braves.

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