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Takin’ a Trip Down Internet Lane: Interviews, Charlie Ward Update, Sterger on Stokke, Random Player Pages, etc.


Now I don’t know how many people read only this site, but if you do I want to tell you there are a lot of good writers and a lot of other good sites out there. Not that I am discouraging you from visiting here, but in an attempt to open up your mind I’ve performed the laborious task of searching for quality reading entertainment, some serious, some funny, some merely informative. Consider it my gift to you. Be forewarned, I’ll be making appearances on some other sites in the near future.

First, if you are not reading The Starting Five’s ongoing take on the Michael Vick dogfighting witch hunt, you are seriously doing yourself a disservice. (The Starting Five)

If there can be such thing as a “thinking man’s blogger” in the sports blogosphere, it is MCBias from Moderately Cerebral Bias. This week he brings us an interview with Kristine from the blog This Suit is Not Black. Pretty interesting New Englander she is. (Moderately Cerebral Bias)

Wondering who the best alumni are who played for any of the remaining schools in the College World Series? Let One More Dying Quail enlighten you. (One More Dying Quail)

This is one of the craziest things I have seen in a while. These guys hop, flip, and jump all over the place for no apparent reason. (Sports Gone South)

Jenn Sterger, famous Internet celebrity extraordinaire, opines on the Allison Stokke Internet phenomenon (halfway down article). (Officially … Jenn)

(My personal opinion: Although comparable, Jenn Sterger marketed herself and took advantage of an opportunity. The only thing “accidental” was the camera shot and Musberger’s comments. Jenn displayed her assets in public willingly (yes, I know something spilt on her shirt before the game or something like that and therefore she had to go in a bikini top ). However, notice she never backed away or hid from the camera? Allison Stokke didn’t have that choice.)

I’ve mentioned this guy before, but now because he is moving on to bigger and better things, White Dade is closing up shop over at his blog. Now where am I to get advice for dealing with the fairer sex? (White Dade)

International news link of the week: has Keyser Soze been working for Al Qaeda since January? (brainsnap)

Here is something for you to enjoy: a Nuclear Weapons Effect Calculator. Want to know what the radius of destruction would be if a nuke landed on your favorite city? Check it out. (Federation of American Scientists)

And finally, I’ve come across a few early Internet fansites dedicated to miscellaneous baseball players. Check these out, some of them are borderline obsessive.

Todd Zeile

Albert Belle

Have a good weekend. I’ll be around. Hit me up on the e-mail if you want.


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  1. Chaz better hurry up if he wants to get on Leonard Hamilton’s staff. I’d say he has about a year.

  2. Camp Tiger Claw,
    Not a big Hamilton fan? I disagree. Who else could FSU get that would have the recruiting and coaching ability of Hamilton? Sorry, whenever people criticize Hamilton I get Steve Robinson and Anthony Richardson flashbacks.

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