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13 links for those not suffering from paraskevidekatriaphobia


Honestly, Friday the 13th never scared me. The movie, yeah, but not the actual day itself. After breaking a mirror when I was 14 and suffering through seven years of social ineptitude, I stopped being scared of silly superstitions. However, in honor of all that is unlucky, for all the black cats, pentagrams, and triple sixes, here are 13 links to get your weekend started right.

1) The illustrious Jack Cobra scored an interview with a guru of baseball mechanics: Carlos Gomez. Solid. I definitely have to check out Gomez’s work, especially if he has the Cobra seal of approval. (The Cobra Brigade)

2) MetsBlog wants to know: who is the Mets’ best all-time first baseman and second baseman? Personally, I wanted Dave Magadan and Keith Miller, but they weren’t options. (MetsBlog)

3) The Redneck Games came and went last week and almost slipped by me, that is if Deuce of Davenport didn’t show a little love to the southern athletically (and verbally) challenged. (Deuce of Davenport)

4) Can anyone explain to me how the NCAA can just erase Oklahoma’s 2005 record? What happens to those games? Do they not exist? Do they become wins for the other teams? What about the Oklahoma entry in the College Football Encyclopedia? Does it read 2005: 0-0? Or maybe 0-13? These are the things I wonder about. (ESPN)

5) Rickey Henderson is the new Mets batting coach. As a Mets fan, I don’t know whether to be concerned or excited. I feel like break dancin’. People might make fun of Rickey, and with good reason of course, but he is still one of the four best left fielders of all-time (Ted Williams, Barry Bonds, Rickey, and Stan Musial in no particular order). And name another athlete since Ali who talked the talk like Rickey and backed it up. (Newsday, The Dugout)

6) Former Seminole Al Thornton signed with the Clippers this week. Now that his number is official, I should have his jersey in the near future. (Thanks to Emily Badger’s Nole Blog for the heads up on this.)

7) Speaking of college sports, the University of Michigan left their Nike endorser and switched to adidas. I wonder if any other schools will follow suit. During my time at FSU, there was a huge tent live-in on the campus protesting Nike’s labor practices and FSU’s affiliation with them. Sure enough the hippies were told to evacuate and FSU is still with Nike. I wonder if any of those same hippies migrated to Michigan. (Lion In Oil)

8) The Extrapolater recently had a really good article on the Disneyfication of sports published in the Chicago Sports Weekly. Reading it brought to mind an article I read in a recent National Geographic on Disney’s influence over the Orlando area. (The Extrapolater, National Geographic)

(Admittance: I own stock in Disney. Not much, but enough to have to claim. To paraphrase Luke Skywalker: “It’s not that I like the Empire; I hate it. But there is nothing I can do about it right now … except use their dividends and my capital gains to fuel my own multi-media juggernaut.”

9) A lot of people have expressed outrage and disgust at the new Coors Light commercials featuring the recently defeated Takeru Kobayashi. Personally, I like Thunder Matt’s Saloon’s take. (Deadspin, Simon On Sports, Thunder Matt’s Saloon)

10) While researching the slow-pitch softball home run record for my Barry Bonds post earlier this week, I discovered the athletic legend that is Dot Wilkinson. Not only is Wilkinson in the Softball Hall of Fame, she is also in the United States Bowling Congress Hall of Fame. There aren’t many athletes (male or female) who can claim membership in two distinct halls of fame (Jim Thorpe comes to mind). Kudos to the unheralded, underappreciated Ms. Wilkinson. She should win one of those ESPY Lifetime Awards or something.

11) Now I am not one to tell you what you should watch. Hell, most nights my tv is tuned into a ball game and I’ll have no idea what is on any other channel. But, the other night, the infamous “Night Without Sports“, I watched “Bodog’s Battle of the Bands” on Fuse. If you like different types of music, I suggest tuning in each Wednesday at 10pm. I am not telling you what you should or shouldn’t watch, just recommending. Some of those bands are pretty damn good. (

12) A big tip of the cap to Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog for linking to my Barry Bonds post.

13) And finally, a tribute to the man who made today famous: the one and only Mr. Jason Voorhees.

Enjoy your weekend.


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  1. That video is awesome. For some reason I found it funny though. What does that say about me?

  2. yup friday the 13th isn’t scary at all. I don’t know if ESPN should interview more world leaders though. Everyone hates America and ESPN is like teh Yankees of sports programming. Oh well, I don’t see KTLA doing these type of interviews!

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