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Can the NFL Survive the Mike Vick Case?


It’s late so I am resorting to the bullet style, a rapid technique known for its swift blows of knowledge and analysis.

Notes on the Michael Vick arraignment:

– Is it any surprise he plead not guilty? Anyone who thought he was going to plead guilty is a moron. Pleading not guilty allows the defense to plea bargain if necessary. And besides, Vick isn’t spending all that money on attorneys to say guilty and then go home. You know Vick wasn’t going to go out like Ice Cube:

Gettin excited, indicted / Spent a grip and a year tryin to fight it / Lawyer got paid; plea, no contest / Cause everything I own, got repossessed

– Now where does this leave the NFL? The league has to make a decision on Vick’s future quick. They have to take a stand and punish Vick before the Falcons do. Any other way and they would be looked at as “soft” and hypocritical. How can they suspend Tank Johnson and PacMan Jones but not Michael Vick? And they have to beat the Falcons to the punch. Arthur Blank cannot look tougher than Roger Goodell. My guess: either the whole season or six games.

Why six games? Because it is more than the four the Falcons can suspend him for (and you know Arthur Blank would have no qualms in doing) but less than half the season. After all, Vick is innocent until proven guilty. Why not eight and cut his season in half? Because his trial is during week 12, giving him a whopping three games to play. That is unfairly punishing the Falcons who undoubtedly would want to field the best talent, and last I looked Michael Vick > Joey Harrington.

– The NFL couldn’t ask for a better opponent for the Falcons the week Michael Vick goes to court than Peyton Manning and the Colts. The best the league can hope for is another one of those 10-0 Colt starts to take some of the mention off the impending Vick trial. The worst thing that could happen is for Peyton Manning not to play. This game needs his star power.

– Like Major League Baseball, the WWE, and the NBA, the NFL will survive. It survived Ray Lewis and Rae Carruth. It survived O.J. Simpson. And their trials were about the deaths of people. The trial of Michael Vick will do little to slow the commercial and social juggernaut that is the NFL.

Of course, the predicament of the NFL could be worse; it could be plagued by scandal and be nationally irrelevant. It could be professional cycling.

This ends this week’s week of social commentary and scandal examination. Hope you dug it. Enjoy your weekend.


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  1. Ooh, it’s a series! Nice job, Jordi, I like it. The problem with each scandal is it highlights a persistent problem in the league. For example, for NFL it’s “These players are violent thugs”, and for the NBA, “These games are fixed” That’s what makes both stories such threats.

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