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What’s the bigger scandal?


Needless to say, this summer has not been good for the heads of major sporting leagues. With all the legal drama surrounding the NFL, the cloud of steroids still permeating above Major League Baseball and Professional Wrestling, and NBA officiating no longer on the up and up, life for NHL commissioner Gary Bettman must seem pretty good these days. All he has to worry about is finding people to watch his league next season.

But which of the recent major scandals is the most damaging? As Barry Bonds closes in on Hank Aaron’s all-time home run record, is steroids in baseball worse than steroids in wrestling? What about referee partiality? While having no effect on the physical being of players, having zebras on the paybooks tears at the very fabric of competition. The rule of fans has always been let the players cheat if they can, but those who judge should be fair. Until now.

Starting Tuesday, I am going to compare and contrast these crimes against sports, taking one each day and hopefully coming to a conclusion on which sin I think is the most heinous and most damaging to its respective sport.

Comments are always welcome of course, however, dissenters may be ignored and/or banished from the land.

(Ok, the caption image has nothing to do with the post. I was looking for zebras in google images for the referee-zebra connection and found it. On second thought, a little Tim Donaghy mixed with Chris Benoit and Barry Bonds, perhaps?)


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  1. Look forward to it Jordi. Personally I think all three scandals are blown out of proportion, just like everything else in today’s society (“Paris Hilton is turning herself in!”). It’s a said indicator of what our society has become – not interested in real discussions or debates, just loud talking heads with quick hitting points.

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