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Bill Simmons mocking the less fortunate


I used to be a Bill Simmons fan. No longer.

Maybe I am a little sensitive because he chose to belittle my local team in his most recent “column” (and I put column in quotation marks because all it contained was pictures and captions). I know Simmons is supposedly writing the next great NBA novel, but to mail in his effort by picking on the Devil Rays was a poor show indeed.

If you didn’t read or view Simmons’ so-called “article”, here is the premise: ESPN writer Bill Simmons went to “Tampa” (actually St. Petersburg) to visit his buddy “Stoner”. After being scooped on his great idea to write about the expansive nation-wide Red Sox bandwagon, Simmons decides to create a first-hand documentary of a Red Sox Nation pilgrim and the Pink Hat Brigade on a sojourn in a foreign land, namely Tropicana Field.

(Where do these fans come from? Who knows? Maybe a bandwagon island in the Gulf of Mexico.)

Anyway, Simmons embraces his new bourgeoisie status by making completely unwarranted negative comments about the Devil Rays organization, their stadium, and their fans. While some actual baseball fans are opening their eyes to the Devil Rays, Simmons resorts to taking cheap shot after cheap shot at an organization that has struggled for respect in a division steeped with tradition. As one of the few bloggers who openly root for the Devil Rays (others here, here, and here), you won’t see me writing anything positive about Simmons or his beloved Red Sox on this site. (It’s a shame my fellow high school alumnus Tim Wakefield pitches the Sawx – I’ll still discuss him on occasion.)

Unfortunately, in other news, the Rays have more important fish to fry than to respond to the empty jabs of an ESPN writer. “Rising Gas Prices Force Devil Rays To Forfeit Games“. (CAP News)


10 comments on Bill Simmons mocking the less fortunate

  1. Simmons has really fallen off in the last little while. He clearly has no interest in blogging, a form of media he helped to create. He actually thinks that he is a legitimate journalist now. I absolutely hate the BS report, but hey I guess it keeps him from actually having to write anything.

  2. It’s also not all that impressive that Bill goes into a place like Tropincana wearing his Sux jersey. Try that crap in the Bronx, Philly, Chicago… someplace like that, dude. And mock everyone there… see how that works out.

  3. Simmons used to be funny. Now he panders to a lower-class reader. I find it hilarious that a Red Sox fan could make fun of the Trop, when Fenway is an absolute dump that has exactly one thing going for it: it’s old.

  4. One of the things that bugged me was that I was almost certain I had read the opening of his accompanying magazine column before. It really seemed a lot like a retread of something he wrote two years ago. It’s bad enough that his schtick is tiring, but now he’s actively repeating himself.

  5. I put column in parenthesis

    I didn’t make it past there, despite loathing Bill Simmons and his boring schtick (no, I’m not a Yankees fan), because why should I care what someone writes when that someone doesn’t know the difference between “quotation marks” and (parenthesis)?

  6. Wah, somebody hurt my feelings. Dude, grow up, it was a fairly funny column. For fans of other teams who get served the same shit, I could relate. If anything such a column makes me like the D-Rays a little more. Remember, any publicity is good publicity. Especially in the case of the Rays. Who get no pub. Ever. Outside of the Florida’s “Twin Cities”.

  7. Wow, Jordi… you’ve upset the Red Sox Nation by making fun of their leader! Watch out, Simmons might still win via write-in the uncoveted “President of Red Sox Nation” title….

    As for the “column”, itself – I actually thought it was one of his better ones in a while. It was enjoyable. But I do agree with you that it was cheap and lazy, too. It’s the “Scary Movies” of columns – cheap, quick, lazily produced, but still gets enough laughs to make a profit.

  8. Yeah, he would have gotten away free and clear in Chicago last weekend for the White Sox series. There were more Red Sox fans than White Sox fans, and the Boston fans were chanting “Let’s go Red Sox”, cheering, and basically making asses of themselves. The Chicago fans couldn’t have cared less, at least where I was sitting. Kind of a pathetic display really.

  9. Got a little revenge this past week….

    A Sox fan that came across your blog article from a couple of years ago….

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