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L.I.N.K.s: Bloggers moving, Blog suicide, Interviewing Scoop Jackson, Chris Rix still clueless, Re-Drawing Florida, History of Drugs in Sports


Before giving you a few links to start your week, I want to say I was very disappointed Chuck D never appeared on the Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav. That’s like roasting Keith Richards without Mick Jagger. I blame The Man.

Ok, on to some links and random thoughts …

First, the amazing moving blogger: Jay Busbee, formerly of Sports Gone South, has moved Right Down Peachtree. Last time I was in Atlanta I found a little bar right off Peachtree that had good beer and a smoking hot bartender. Jay isn’t a hot woman (I don’t think) nor does he pour beer (at least not on his site), but he is entertaining in his own way and one of my daily reads. Check him out. (Right Down Peachtree)

Keeping it down south: former FSU disappointment Chris Rix threatens a blogger. Trust me, the blogger has nothing to worry about. No matter how big a game Rix talks, his attempt will probably hit the wrong target anyway. Ugh, I was at FSU for the entire debacle that was this guy’s QB career. We should have just mailed the playbook to the Marx Brothers. (Flash

Some more southern sports news: Remember that Nike Baseball Map? Cool idea, but they got the state of Florida completely wrong. Thankfully, Rays Index re-drew it appropriately. (Rays Index)

An old writer friend of mine from college is planning on gallivanting across the U.S. and needs some tunes. Drop him a line and suggest a few. (On the Road 2 Epiphany)

Another former colleague from my college days is now a comedian in L.A. Check out Michael Nelson. His Alicia Keys skit is pretty damn funny. (Michael Nelson Comedy)

Those most righteous brothers over at the Nation of Islam Sports Blog interviewed Scoop Jackson. Yeah, they cover the race issue, but Scoop definitely won me over as a fan for his points on BBQ. (The Nation of Islam Sportsblog)

Ever just click the “Next Blog” option at the top of the site? I just did and found this site: a well-written analysis of one of my favorite cartoons: The Boondocks. Hope to hear more from you, EbonyEyez871. (The Boondocks)

David Pinto of Baseball Prospectus talks about re-vamping the criminally overrated save rule. I think it’s a good idea, but I don’t think the players’ union would approve of massive overhauls to rule book. Baby steps. And on the subject, how soon until single-season saves leader Bobby Thigpen becomes as obscure as single-season triples leader Owen Wilson? (Baseball Prospectus)

In Bill Simmons’s most recent mailbag, a reader suggested the “Lindsay Hunter All-Stars” composed of male players whose names sound like hot females. May I suggest their patron saint? How about Candy Cummings, inventor of the curve ball? How can Candy Cummings not be a porn star’s name?

The Cavalier of YaySports is trying blog suicide again. I’m really not sure if I should even link to his site. That might encourage you to go there. Don’t. He is trying to get his readership to zero before a big announcement on August 21st. Then you can go there. (YaySports!)

More basketball: The Blowtorch has some really cool caricatures of this year’s NBA Draft selections. Yeah, I printed out the Thornton pic and brought it to my local sports jersey store and said “order me one of these jerseys, pronto”. I would have said “bitch” but the dude was bigger than me, so I said “pronto”. (The Blowtorch)

National Geographic looks at the history of drugs in sports. Looks like Barry Bonds, et al aren’t too far removed from the ancient Mayans and Greeks, although I doubt scrotum-eating is still in favor. (National Geographic)

This is really old in Internet years but still rather interesting: can a Ninja escape a black hole? The better question may be, could Einstein or Stephen Hawking figure this out before a ninja kills them? Because as everyone knows the purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people. (Evil Brain Jono’s Natural Log)

Speaking of kicking ass, what if I told you there was a movie with David Carradine of Kung Fu, Gary Busey, Mixed Martial Arts-fighter-turned-actor Oleg Taktarov, Martin Kove (a.k.a the Cobra Kai sensei), and Bruce Lee-era bad ass Bolo Yeung? I don’t think a movie with these guys needs a plot, but this movie has one. And apparently it’s been out since January. Slipped by me I guess. (Blizhniy Boy <-preview link) And to end it all today, here is five minutes of highlights from The Last Dragon – the epic tale of Bruce Leroy. Highly recommended.



4 comments on L.I.N.K.s: Bloggers moving, Blog suicide, Interviewing Scoop Jackson, Chris Rix still clueless, Re-Drawing Florida, History of Drugs in Sports

  1. As a Canes fan, I think I speak for the entire fan base in wishing that Chris Rix could’ve recieved another year of eligibility. With Rix at the helm you were assured of a minimun of three passes thrown into triple coverage, two turnovers, and three sacks. I do miss dem days.

  2. Thanks for reminding me Gangsta D. I knew there was a reason I drank so much in college. That reason – Chris Rix.

    But FSU-Miami this year is a special occasion. The first time the Canes have returned to Doak since the arrival of the FSU Cowgirl, Miss Jenn Sterger.

  3. How can you mention all those great Ka-Ra-Te movie dudes without mentioning Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, AKA Shang Tsung of Mortal Kombat movie fame? That’s like forgetting who sang Pour Some Sugar On Me.

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