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Rise of the Orange Roundie


If the sports blogosphere could for a moment be compared to the Mos Eisley Cantina, then The Cavalier from YaySports! would surely be Muftak, the enigmatic mysterious writer few knew anything about. For as long as I have been blogging (and much, much longer than that) The Cavalier has intrigued his readers with numerous hints of a major creative endeavour – a motion picture event starring his most famous creation: The Orange Roundie.

On August 13th, we loyal readers received the greatest hint of all … a website. Who Shot Mamba? has a home.

The Cav promises greatness. Epic adventure. Dizzying acts of bravery. Romance. And one odd smiling snake.

Soon enough our wait will be over.

Who Shot Mamba? will arrive.


2 comments on Rise of the Orange Roundie

  1. My excitement is boundless. The Cavalier owes me a new pair of pants, as I spontaneously lost control of my bowels in excitement upon reading this post. :-p

  2. You, sir, are to be commended. Roundies of varying colors rarely receive the attention that that they so richly deserve….This discussion, though, would not be complete without paying homage to the most enigmatic of all contestants ever to appear on American Gladiators – the white dude with the Soul-Glo ‘do: Purple Roundy.

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