The PacMan Jones Wheel of Good Ideas

By | August 17, 2007

To say PacMan Jones has made the most of his suspension from the NFL would so far be an understatement. In the last few weeks, the banished NFL cornerback has opined on dining at stripper-less strip clubs, thrown his hat into professional wrestling, and discussed the possibility of blessing the world with his lyrical talents.

But what to do next? With pre-season 2008 a little less than a year away, PacMan has to do something to pass the time. So to help the adventurous Mr. Jones, I have created what I like to call “The PacMan Jones Wheel of Good Ideas”.

Simply print, attach a spinner, spin, and presto! your daily activity is set. And if you land on “Work towards reinstatement”, feel free to spin again!

(May have to click to enlarge – sorry.)

11 thoughts on “The PacMan Jones Wheel of Good Ideas

  1. mitchell blatt, juiced sports

    Go shopping with Tank Johnson… (for guns.)

  2. Kaavya Viswanathan

    We writers do not ‘steal’.

    Snagging somebody else’s stuff is known as ‘literary borrowing’.

    Believe me.

    I know all about it.

    From – borrow – ‘to adopt or use as one’s own. e.g I borrowed your idea.’

    Interestingly, this also appears at the same site, under ‘borrow':

    —Synonyms 2. acquire, take, get; copy, pirate, plagiarize.

    I’m not authoring this, I mean, I’m not making this up.

    I copied and pasted it, I mean, I borrowed it.

    KV (Go Harvard !)

  3. sam

    hahaha @ “dickcheese.”

    p.s. the strip club slice should be bigger

  4. Jordi

    Anonymous – I appreciate you colorfully bringing that post to my attention. “Stealing” would infer that I had visited the collegegameballs site prior to posting, which was not the case. I assure you, any similarities are coincidental. But thanks for reading. Next time try not to be so anonymous.

  5. Tunguskan

    Noooooooo !

    “He woulda made it, but he inferred.”

    It would be ‘to imply’, from which others might infer.

    That definition of ‘steal’ is by no means an absolute, and it is powerful narrow.

    On the other hand, people are nailed for ‘possession of stolen property’ after obtaining things in all kinds of circuitous manners. Yes, this is ‘property’ – though under the heading of ‘intellectual property’.

    The problem is that there is SOOOO much stuff (content or potential content) floating around out there it’s crazy.

    I would bet that Mr. Jones is not the first person to have ever appeared in a Twister(tm)-esque wheel. (Wheel-of-Fortune-esque ?)

    It’s not reasonable to expect that bloggers’ material bear absolutely NO resemblance to anything else that could be found on the internet.

    It would be up to Twelve Angry Men (And A Baby) to ‘decide’ whether this particular accusation has merit.

  6. Jordi

    tunguskan -

    I guess imply might be the word in this case. Trust me, if 12 angry men ever got in involved in any of my blog post, especially ones that took me 20 minutes to come up with, I’d delete it real quick-like. No need for any of that.

  7. Tunguskan


    Sorry to give you flack about the infer/imply thing.

    The 12 Angry Men thing was referring to the legal system having to get involved in intellectual property cases.

    That’s all way moot: Though you may be getting rich through writing, I would guess that this blog is contributing significantly to your income.

    That’s not a jab at you or your blog.

    I was defending you with regard to the ‘stealing’ thing. There’s no way of telling if what you are about to post appears to bear a resemblance to something else ‘out there’ – there are just about an infinite number of monkeys typing away on an infinite number of keyboards.

    You lost me on the 20 minutes thing, though.

    A SWAG at how long it took for me to write the comment above maybe ?


  8. Tunguskan



    I meant “not contributing significantly to your income”.

    My Bad.


  9. Jordi

    tunguskan –
    I totally understood what you were getting at with the 12 angry men thing (great movie, by the way). The 20 minutes thing meant the PacMan post took me 20 minutes to write. Had it taken me an hour or whatever, I would have felt more emotionally invested in it, and would be more defensive about it. As it is, I really don’t care. It was a quick post that was pretty much filler until my next deep thought.

    By the way, between me and you, I am making millions on this blog. Or maybe not.

  10. marquis

    The strip club should be atleast 50% of the wheel.

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