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Tuesday’s Circular Ramblings


Time for a short exercise in circularity …

To start, I have two complaints about the Little League World Series that ended Sunday (and I happen to like it moreso than others): 1) push back the fences. Every game ended with a walk-off. WTF? How unrealistic. The game winning homerun was an opposite field bloop hit strictly with the wrists. Come on. Push the fences back at least another 10-20 feet. 2) the pitch count= ridiculous. They don’t have pitch counts in streetball or broomstick ball, where I cut my teeth, so why have them in LL? I used to pitch for hours, until sundown or rain, whichever came first. Stop worrying about these kids “professional potential”. Just teach them how to throw change-ups. I didn’t see one kid with a good change in the four or so games I watched. It’s not hard. And what about a knuckleball? Do you know how wicked a 12 yr old with a knuckler would be?

Speaking of knuckleballs, fellow Eau Gallie Commodore alumnus (that would be my old high school) Tim Wakefield won again this weekend. If you didn’t know, he is tied for the AL lead in wins with 16 and hasn’t allowed a run in 22 innings. Where is his consideration for the Cy Young? Or is it because the man hasn’t thrown a pitch over 85 mph in his career?

On the subject of 85 mph, Hulk Hogan’s kid was in a bad accident in Clearwater Sunday night. I’ve driven where he wrecked, I think. Jeez, dude, I’m all about going over the speed limit (as my 10 tickets can attest), but keep it on the highway, brother. Hopefully the kid has a speedy recovery. Apparently they had to use the Jaws of Life or something to get him out. Not good.

Which reminds me, I like the fact that the Mets are putting some breathing room between themselves and the Phillies and Braves. I haven’t written much about the Mets this season but they are pulling away from the pack of late. I like knowing the Mets can bury the Braves and Phillies this week and put the rest of the NL East’s hopes on life-support. Unfortunately, the Braves no longer have Bob Wickman for the Mets to beat around.

Between Wickman and David Wells, it has not been a good year for portly pitchers, although Wells is back pitching for the Dodgers. Which reminds me of Southern California, which reminds me of the Rose Bowl, which reminds me of the Stormtrooper Parade, which reminds me, everyone needs to watch the Robot Chicken Star Wars video collection on these here inner nets. Definitely recommended. The intimate scene between the Skywalker kids brought to mind the scene in Joe Dirt with David Spade and Jamie Pressley. Great movie. Personally, I think all of life’s lessons can be learned from Joe Dirt. Like being nice to dogs (Mike Vick), sometimes home is what you make it (Kenny Lofton), and life’s a (Boston) garden, dig it (Kevin Garnett). You know what would be cool, to live the life of Dirty Joe. Just cruise, listen to tunes, make friends, travel the country. Although you would have to have a traumatic childhood, a childhood where parents eventually use you to their own advantage and try and make you their mealticket. Like an over-obsessed Little League parent. Which reminds me …


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  1. Regarding Nick Bollea’s accident, you have to reccognize how ridiculous and irresponsible that was. That particular stretch of road is at MOST a 40 mph zone, if not a 35. I’ve had a ticket in that very spot for doing 45. And I am quite positive that a Supra, a high end sports car built to go fast and handle well, would not spin out doing 45… or even 65. Nick is fine, sufferring a broken wrist. His passenger was not so lucky and is STILL in critical condition. Nick has seriously altered the rest of his passenger’s life with that foolishness. A guy, just back from Iraq, mind you, who didn’t need to be mangled by a dumb arrogant 17 year old kid after surviving the terrors of war in Iraq.

  2. MCBias, I intend this to be a regular category now. So Tuesdays I can babble off the top of my head. It was either Tues Ramblings or Tuesday with Jordi, which Mitch Albom might take offense to.

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