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Seminole Miscellanea


There is no Seminole football this weekend. This makes me very sad. So, therefore, ipso facto, in order to quell my sorrow I heretofore present these five FSU-related links. All are hard working and will serve you well.

1) Even though it’s not specifically related to Florida State, I really enjoyed ESPN’s rules for college football fans. Part 1 and Part 2.

2) Some international Seminole news: After a brief stint trying out for the Milwaukee Bucks, The Serious Tip‘s favorite former Seminole and Hilltopper center Nigel “Big Jelly/ Big Firm” Dixon was the first overall pick in this year’s Chinese Basketball Association draft. Long live the Dixon Dynasty.

3) In the tradition of less-heralded family members such as Don Swayze and Frank Stallone, I present to you Freddie Weinke, cousin of former FSU quarterback Chris Weinke. Ol’ Freddie is already a legend of sorts, with his own Wikipedia page and his own home page. Not bad for a guy who has played for the Miami Valley Silverbacks, had a stint with the recently-folded Springfield Stallions, and ended the 2007 season on the Sioux City Bandits.

4) You know what is always fun? Perusing the ranks of minor football leagues such as the Arena League and the Canadian Football League and finding players you recognize. Here are the profiles of former Seminole wide receiver Talman Gardner and defensive backs Tay Cody and Stanford Samuels. Gardner was just kinda there, Cody was pretty good for the ’99 championship team, and Samuels’ coverage ability drove me to drink. Heavily.

5) Reason number 4,921 why I miss college. Maybe if I sneak into the student section sometime this year, I too can get a lapdance. I have to agree with public opinion, this lapdance is WEAK and she really should have been naked. (Video found originally on Scalp’

Enjoy your weekend.


2 comments on Seminole Miscellanea

  1. I being a first time reader. Good Stuff!! Freddie lil’ Weinke, I saw also played for the Central Valley Coyotes of the Arena Football League2. The team is coached by Fred Biletnikoff, Jr. Son of “The” Heisman Trophy winner Fred Biletnikoff of FSU. I feel like I’m in a old Twilight Zone episode.

    I don’t know about minor league football. Canada or Arena, It’s just not the 100 yd real football. Speaking minor league football. What’s Chris Rix up to this days?

    BTW, I did see Frank Stallone on the canceled sitcom “Yes, Dear” on TBS. Of course….boxing coach. Go figure!

    Go Nole’s

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