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Creating a new chamber at the Carnival


Back in the old Negro Leagues, teams used to “borrow” stars such as Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson to boost the gate and draw more fans to the venues. Sixty years later, and not to compare myself to Paige and Gibson, I have been asked to add greatness and a touch of prestige to a fellow blog. The webmasters over at Epic Carnival have asked me to opine on things basketball during this year’s upcoming NBA season and after much negotiation and deliberation, I have agreed.

Epic Carnival, for those who might not know, is an amalagmation of various sports-writing bloggers coming together to promote each other and share their writing abilities in a vast expansive forum. The goal is to cover anything and everything that happens in the world of sports through various styles and methods. And now they have added me, the 45th Chamber.

Therefore, this year expect very few NBA posts this season at The Serious Tip. All my complaining about the Knicks and other observations on various NBA subjects will be done at Epic Carnival. Don’t worry, however, I will be alerting readers to each and every post I do on Epic Carnival. In the words of the immortal Bartels and James, “Thank you for your support“.

As an added bonus, and because I feel like filling up space, here is a killer kung-fu clip from Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (better known as the opening video to Craig Kilborn’s Five Questions).


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  1. You, too, huh? Is there anyone not writing for Epic Carnival (except for me and MC Bias, of course)?

    Well congrats. I hope you are getting paid well or something….

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