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Tuesday/ Wednesday’s Circular Ramblings


(Sorry, Tuesday ran late, so I had to finish this Wednesday. And the picture is from

All around the blogosphere and I, I, I can’t find my baby …

Ah, it’s not the end of a season without playoffs. And no playoff stimulates the groin more than The Big Picture’s “Would You Do” tournament. Leave it up to the guys at The Big Picture to make everyone come up large in the crotch clutch. Today’s battle features American Gladiator Ice vs. former USC basketball star Brynn Cameron. Get over there and vote!

Cameron, as many might know, caused some baby momma drama for Arizona Cardinal quarterback Matt Leinart, who as many might also know, once had a trist with celebrity social person Paris Hilton.

Hilton is, of course, better known for playing the role of pornstar in her adult movie, something I would hope does not apply to any player on The Extrapolator’s ACC Porn Name Team, which includes Korey Magnum of Florida State University.

Speaking of FSU, they were a ray of sunshine on what was for me a dismal sports weekend, beating Alabama 21-14 on Saturday. What I am to FSU, baseball pitcher Lance Cormier is to Alabama. Cormier played for the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2004 and 2005.

Arizona, as things would have it, is preparing to play the Cubs this week in Round one of the baseball playoffs. Good to know some of my favorite bloggers, Jack Cobra of Cobra Brigade and the six, ten, or 52 bartenders of Thunder Matt’s Saloon, are Cubs fans. Should make for some good reading this postseason. That is, if the guys at Thunder Matt don’t get too upset over the new TBS broadcasting crew, which interestingly enough, includes Ron Darling. Darling, by the way, is a co-announcer with Keith Hernandez for a team that for health reasons I won’t mention. However …

I’d venture to say less than .01% of the world knows this, but Keith Hernandez actually retired as a Cleveland Indian. The Indians, in more recent news, are taking on the Yankees in the first round of the playoffs. Like the aforementioned Cubs bloggers, another great blogger I read often is Yankee fan Stop Mike Lupica. Recently, he pondered about Shawn Marion.

Marion reminds me of The Matrix which reminds me of Ted “Theodore” Logan, which reminds me of Richard Nixon. Nixon was a lawyer in 1965, the year Malcolm X was shot. Malcolm X of course started as a member of the Nation of Islam, as might be the fine distinguished gentlefolk from the Nation of Islam Sports blog. Recently, this highly recognized crew discussed the merits of the Notre Dame football program.

Notre Dame has been pathetic this year, even losing to Michigan, the alma mater of Steve Hutchinson, who plays for the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings, of course, lost to the Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre, who, besides setting a new touchdown record, began his career in Atlanta.

Atlanta, besides being home of the Goodie Mob, is the stomping ground of Jay Busbee, formerly of Sports Gone South and now of Atlanta Magazine. Busbee, who’s probably crying his eyes out that Andruw Jones won’t be a Brave anymore, squared off against The Big Picture in the Ladies … Hot Blogger Contest.

Speaking of The Big Picture …