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If only they were all like Warrick Dunn


For all the bad press surrounding Florida State University lately, and with other stories of crime and punishment permeating the rest of the sports world, once again the Warrick Dunn Foundation has presented a welcome respite.

On December 18, Osei Nyahuma of Tallahassee, FL, became the latest recipient of a new home courtesy of former Seminole and current Atlanta Falcon Warrick Dunn. According to the Tallahassee Democrat, the 51-year old Nyahuma is “the first man and the first Tallahassee recipient of Dunn’s foundation”. Since its inception in 1997, the Warrick Dunn Foundation has assisted over 70 single parents and nearly 200 children and dependants in getting homes throughout the southeast, from Baton Rouge, La, to Atlanta, Ga, to Tampa, Fla., and now in Tallahassee.

Claiming stories like this should get front page headlines over those involving sex, drugs, and crime is an overused cliché. I am not going to beat that dead horse. However, after seeing my alma mater continuously drug through the mud this week due to the misdeeds of a few academic underachievers, I felt the need to point out that at least some good has come out of the Florida State University football program.

(Image: Mike Ewen/Tallahassee Democrat)


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  1. I always have liked Warrick Dunn as a player…now I realize I can respect him as a person, too. :-) Good story, Jordi.

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