I missed out on the sale of the year

By | January 20, 2008

Although this video has already made its way around most of the hip-hop blogs I read, I figured I would post about it here anyway. Rapper Bizarre of Eminem’s spin-off posse group D12 announced a “sale” on his verses of only $750, down from the usual $5,000 he normally charges.

Because it is now Jan 20th, Mr. Bizarre is back to charging 5K for a verse. I know I am in the wrong business. 5,000 dollars for a bunch of rhyming lines from a guy whose only song I know was a parody of Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day“? Amazing. And I am writing this for free.

So, with Bizarre’s entrepreneurial model in mind, I’m announcing my own deal. For all you independent bloggers out there, because I know what it’s like to struggle from post to post and “get your dues in”, I’ll give you a break. For only $7.50 (that’s 1/100th of Bizarre’s “sale” cost!), I’ll write 100 words for your blog. That’s 7.5 cents a word. And if you’re lucky, some of them might even have more than one syllable.

(h/t to MTV.com’s Sucker Free Blog)


One thought on “I missed out on the sale of the year

  1. Boney

    I would pay you to write me some lines, but I would be the only person that would enjoy them…

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