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Making a living playing international basketball


If you haven’t noticed on my recent posts here and at YaySports!, I’m trying to be a little more internationally focused. Since I hold a degree in International Affairs and enjoy reading blogs from around the world, I think it is right up my alley to ensure the masses know the world around them a little better.

With that in mind, have you ever wondered what happened to Chris Jeffries, the former forward for Washington University of St. Louis? If you do or did, you are a bigger fan of WU than I. But anyway, although I had never heard of Jeffries, I still envy him. According to Argentina’s Travel, since he graduated from WU in 2003, Jeffries has played for 9 teams in 8 countries, all while making between 60 and 72,000 U.S. dollars a year.

Does this make him rich? No. Will he ever make the NBA? Doubtful, although possible. But right now, Chris Jeffries is one of many Americans making a good, if not great, living traveling the world playing basketball. If only I didn’t get cut from my 6th grade basketball team, was more athletic, and was about 8 inches taller.

For more on Chris Jeffries, check out his story at Argentina’s


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  1. hey great story..its always nice to see American’s succedding overseas. I have never heard of him but im very familiar with a lot of the leagues and have some friends playing out there.

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