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More Notes from a Knicks Nation Refugee: Even Henry Abbott is talking revolution


Despite being distant from my fellow Knicks Nation brethren, I have watched with interest all issues relating to the possible overthrow of King Zeke the Horrible. Today, a possible breakthrough. (No, not the eviction of the despised tyrant, although I do believe soon that day will come.) Today, the heralded Henry Abbott of’s TrueHoop blog discussed the possibility of revolution. Although I mentioned the idea of revolt and methods of unrest over a month ago, I am but one small voice deep in the underground. Henry Abbott, on the other hand, is one of the most influential voices in the online NBA community. If anyone can call the masses to arms, it is Henry Abbott. He will be our Thomas Paine, and his TrueHoop will be our Common Sense.

In other news, notes, miscellanea, and things of that sort:

I am particularly proud of my post over at Epic Carnival today. Check the brilliant use of metaphor. I like to think I accurately portrayed the raw biting anguish engulfing the members of Timberwolves Nation.

The man in charge of YaySports, el Cavalier, has temporarily stopped being a movie person and has returned to blogging. I used to think Carnivals de la Internet were just used only for history sites, but I guess I was wrong. As he swooped through the sports blogosphere, the Cav’s carnival completely captured community creativity. YayPostsThatHaveALotOfWordsAndLinkToALotOfSites!

What else is new? Hmm…

About a month ago, The Starting Five posted some great revolutionary hip-hop videos. I’ve been on a new music tear of late, buying CDs and listening to new tunes like I’m Helen Keller rediscovering how to hear. And with my penchant for underground anti-establishment hip-hop, this was a great place to start.

Off the revolution tip for a minute, should I care that under a post I found entitled “Gallery of Geeky Birthday Cakes” is a picture of an R2D2 birthday cake, just as I had when I was a wee lad? (Ok, I’m not going to lie, it was last year’s birthday – but Star Wars and I both turned 30. We had to celebrate.)

Finally, did you know Roseanne Barr has a blog? It’s all religious and political and stuff. Did you know it’s been 10 years since her sitcom went off the air? Did you know she put out a DVD of kid’s sing-along songs? Did you know I spent way too much time talking about Roseanne Barr?

Ok, well, that’s about it. Viva la revolution! Down with King Zeke!


1 comment on More Notes from a Knicks Nation Refugee: Even Henry Abbott is talking revolution

  1. Nice links, Jordi. And with regards to 70-loss teams… you left off the Roswell Rayguns.

    “Coach, you were 5-79 last year. Why the playoff talk?”

    Of course, they got the funk, and everything got better for them. Maybe the Knicks will get the funk someday.

    Anyway, there was, in fact, a real ABA team that lost over 70 games one season… the Squires went like 9-75 or something….

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