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Who Has Been Pimping Will Leitch’s Book?


Ever notice that Will Leitch of seems to get love from the same blogs over and over again? I have, and I decided to do some number-crunching to back a theory of mine:

The following blogs have given more than 5 words to Will Leitch’s new book “God Save The Fan“:

Dan Shanoff
Rays Index
Cobra Brigade
Sports Media Journal
Kissing Suzy Kolber
Ladies …

Other blogs/sites have discussed Leitch’s book as well –, Esquire (shameless self-promotion though that is), et al – but they are major web sites, not just “regular” sports blogs. Also worth noting that the following blogs have dedicated fewer than five words to Will Leitch’s book this week:

The Alaskan Baseball League Blog
Alyssa Milano’s Blog
Jenn Sterger’s Blog

Now, we’re not comparing the content of the first group with the content of the second. But other bloggers have made book announcements that we have discussed yet few others have. We didn’t bother asking around why no one else cares about the stuff we care about, because frankly, we don’t care. But why doesn’t anyone highlight or bring attention to these other books, and why do they instead prefer to treat “God Save The Fan” like it is the sports blogosphere’s answer to Harry Potter? We haven’t received a response yet.

Why doesn’t anyone post some links to Nikki Sixx’s new book or Slash’s new book? Why not include their take in the ongoing discussion about heroin and partying like a rock star? They’ve had great careers over the past years worthy of linkage. And don’t tell us bloggers aren’t aware of Slash and Nikki Sixx … I have a feeling they might have heard of them.

So who is “worthy” of writing about Leitch? Look at that list again. We checked out some of the links of these at least 5-worders (remember, the time frame is in the last few weeks) to determine who is really breaking real news, and who is clearly giving some favorable (objectively unworthy) treatment. We define “legit” has offering up either something newsworthy, something mostly original, or something entertaining.

Sports Media Journal was legit – it was like they wrote a book report. My fourth grade teacher would be proud. That’s a legit post.

Here’s another example of a “legit” post – Rays Index. The Professor gives the reasons why Will Leitch inspired him and goes on to say, “Hey, go buy his book.” A nice, solid post.

We didn’t really see the newsworthiness (or entertainment value) of the Ladies … post, but whatever. Ditto the Cobra Brigade. I’m sure I know what he’s thinking: “Thanks for linking to me Will, my mother is the only person besides Deadspin readers who read my blog so I will tell her all about your book!”.

But the competition for biggest recipient of favoritism came down to Kissing Suzy Kolber and Dan Shanoff. Dan Shanoff offers a what could barely be considered a legit review of “God Save the Fan“. He explains some of the book’s good points and does everything short of claiming it is the BEST. BOOK. EVER. Throughout his review, his Peyton Manning-Kenny Chesney relationship with Leitch is in full display and he even goes as far as to admit his love for the man at the end of the post.

Kissing Suzy Kolber, on the other hand – we’ll let you judge: Crappy made-up first-person parody; crappy made-up Big Daddy Drew obscure pop culture references (Bill Simmons has done better bits); crappy made-up Will Leitch picture (he can’t possibly dress that well – isn’t he some emo dude who wears nothing but black?). Cute, but … not a real book review, right?

No doubt The Serious Tip is this month’s winner of The Honorary Award for blog that is definitely pimping Will Leitch’s book without really looking like it is pimping Will Leitch’s book (notice the 15 links to “God Save The Fan” in this post, more than any other site!)

Note to Will Leitch: I brought your book. I paid 26 freakin’ dollars for it. I’ll read it soon. After I finish reading Dickens’ “Great Expectations”. Ironic, don’t cha think?

(This post is a satire of a Stop Mike Lupica post entitled “Who Has Been Buying Will Leitch Drinks?” written June 2007. If nothing here is funny, go read the original, then come back. This post still might not be funny, but at least you will have a frame of reference.)


3 comments on Who Has Been Pimping Will Leitch’s Book?

  1. Damnit, I was totally feeling this post, and agree with you, until I realized that I was being satirized. Which was at the very end. Damn!

    Actually, the ass-kissing that goes on in blogdome is always an interesting topic to write about.

  2. Hey, thanks for the shout-out, my man. Believe me, once my books come out (sadly, still a year from now), I’ll be both pimping AND whoring.

  3. You know, I too was thinking about SML’s post recently. For all the complaining bloggers do about big media biases, they have some big biases of their own. I actually thought it was good of the Ladies… to tweak other blogs a bit, although one or two of those cuts were mean. Anyway, I’m entertained, good work.

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