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Attempting to Talk Hockey


Instead of watching the Hornets put away the Mavericks and other NBA playoff action, I spent the night checking out some NHL.

Now I’ll be the first to admit, even though I think the 1980 US-USSR Olympic hockey game is the greatest sporting event in American history, I’m pretty hockey stupid. On a scale of 1 to 10, my hockey knowledge is a weak 4. I know the rules, a few dozen current players, and can name a few all-time greats.

That said, the NHL playoffs are the most intense of any of the big four sports and should not be missed.

So pardon my ignorance, I’m talking hockey.

A buffet for thought:

– Although a lot of basketball pundits are discussing the emergence of young stars such as Dwight Howard and Chris Paul as positive signs for the future of the NBA, how much more important is it for the NHL that the Pittsburgh Penguins and specifically Sidney Crosby make it far into the playoffs, if not win the Stanley Cup? Crosby is one of the most marketable players in hockey right now and a Stanley Cup win or other national exposure could possibly push him into the elite echelon of crossover athletes and some marketable endorsement deals. How many hockey players endorse any national products right now? The only thing I can think of is Gatorade.

– Good to see Madison Square Garden hosting some playoff action. Must be a relief to the MSG workers to not have to change the place around for Knicks playoff games. I haven’t said that phrase in while.

– Speaking of the aforementioned Gatorade advertising, can we please stop using O Fortuna in commercials, movies, and other pop culture? According to Urban, “it has been used in popular movies such as Jackass: The Movie, The Hunt for Red October, and Natural Born Killers“, as well as The Doors, numerous WWE commercials, a Capitol One credit card commercial, and a beer ad. If I was so inclined, I could probably put together a top 10 list of O Fortuna uses. But I am lazy. Like anyone that uses O Fortuna.

– When was the last time there was a decent hockey movie? And don’t say The Mighty Ducks. Ok, maybe the Mystery, Alaska flick. That wasn’t bad.

– In tonight’s Pittsburgh-New York game, the Rangers outshot the Penguins 39 to 17, yet still lost 5 to 3. Imagine if an NBA team took twice as many shots as their opponent. Then imagine they still lost by nearly double the score. I’m not crunching the numbers because I am too lazy, but I would guess basketball might be the only sport in which the attempts to score are generally even. In football, one team can control the ball and get double the amount of yards as their opponent and still lose. In baseball, although the amount of outs are the same per team, one team can put double the amount of runners in scoring position or get double the amount of hits and still lose. Something to think about.


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  1. Jordi,

    You’ll probably think I’m messing with you, but thank you so much for putting a name to “the Gatorade commercial song”. As you noted, it’s always being used somewhere, for some commercial or another, but I never could put a name to the music.

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