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Blogger Point/ Counterpoint – The NFL Draft


The NFL Draft is on right now.

There were years the draft would be my weekend. I’d wake up, watch the draft, go out, drink, come home at around 3 am, wake up, watch the rest of the draft, eat pizza and chicken wings, and call it a good weekend.

This year, I am abstaining. I am watching the NBA and NHL playoffs instead.

So who watches the draft, and who doesn’t?

This week I read two convincing posts from the sports blogosphere about the pros and cons of the NFL draft.

(ed. note: I just realized “pros” and “cons” could also apply to many draft picks [ex. Mike Vick, Chris Henry, Pacman Jones, etc.] throughout the years. Get it? They became pros on draft day and turned into cons. Ah, what do you know from funny? Anyway …)

On Thursday, Big Daddy Drew of Kissing Suzy Kolber cameoed on with a post entitled “If You Don’t Like The NFL Draft, You Can Suck It: Your NFL Draft Jamboroo“. BDD claims the draft is a needed oasis during a long NFL offseason, a way football fans can ease their collective football jonesing.

The next day, Daft Punk of Thunder Matt’s Saloon labeled the NFL Draft “overrated” in his post “Overrated: The NFL Draft“.

According to Daft Punk, the most overrated aspect of the NFL Draft is ESPN’s Mel Kiper, Jr. Punk calls him “one-trick pony” who’s entire existance depends on ESPN’s over-hyping of the draft. Daft also mentions that Kiper is way too conservative in his analysis, claiming,

“Mel Kiper Jr. just continues to play it safe, never truly criticizing any players or making outrageous predictions that would make the draft much more enjoyable”.

Big Daddy Drew, on the other hand, writes Kiper is one of the best things about the draft. BDD writes,

“After my team drafts a player, I rely on Mel to get me properly excited about his prospects. And what he needs to work on! What’s that, Mel? He’s got great agility? NICE. Excellent lateral movement? Fucking double nice. Bit of a tweener? Oh, I don’t like the sound of that. But he’s explosive off the edges?! (creams jeans)

The fact that the draft is on all weekend is also a point of contention between Daft Punk and Big Daddy Drew. According to BDD,

“Okay, so the whole thing drags a bit. So flip over to something else for a bit. Check out the day’s token Horrible, Early Eastern Conference Playoff Game. Or watch a flick. Or go to the gym. When you’re back, there’ll only have been three new picks! You didn’t miss jack shit. Draft weekend means there’s always something interesting to tune into. You can season the rest of your TV watching with bits of draft from here and there.”

For Daft Punk, length isn’t always a good thing.

“Admit it. You don’t watch the whole draft. Even the most hardcore fans don’t watch more than the first round. I’m like most people. If I do watch, it’s usually just until my favorite team picks, and then I’m on my way to enjoy the rest of my Saturday. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if 100 football fans were polled and asked if they cared about the entire draft or just when their favorite team was picking, 98 of them would say they only cared about their own team. And maybe you watch it because someone from your alma mater may be picked, and that’s cool too. But other than that, there really is no reason to watch the draft live, especially if your team doesn’t have a top pick. Just log onto ESPN on Sunday night and check out the results there. I know that looking at a box score is not the same as actually watching a baseball game, but with something as long and boring and drawn out as the draft is, it makes more sense to go out and enjoy your weekend and check in on the draft later.”

Check out both of these guys’ posts for more point/ counterpoint about the NFL Draft. Great stuff.

So who’s right? Is the NFL Draft overrated? Or does the draft serve purpose as a key fix for NFL fans who don’t get any sporting action between the end of the Super Bowl in February and the opening of NFL training camps in July?

My guess is that today Daft Punk is probably drinking beer, watching the Cubs, and celebrating Thunder Matt’s Saloon’s second birthday. Big Daddy Drew, on the other hand, is probably likewise drinking beer, but is likely somehow involved in the KSK family’s NFL Draft LiveBlog 2008.

As long as there is copious amounts of beer being drank, to each his own I guess.


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  1. Oh come on Jordi–pick one of them and attack them! Don’t wuss out at the end and say to each his own! haha I’m just messing with you. I can see both sides.

  2. Eat my shorts, draft-watchers! Oh wait, die non-draft-watching scum! Wait, no, wait … errr …. um … how about those Mets? Wait, I mean the Rays. No, the Mets. Ugh, can’t I make a decision on anything?

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