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Busbee v. Scrubbings 2: Electric Bugaloo


While I am still not done gathering my stuff from YaySports!, I figured I would pass the time with another important pubic service announcement:

Oops, wait. Oh no, YouTube, you’re playing the wrong message.

Anyway, myself and the illustrious Jay Busbee of Atlanta’s Right Down Peachtree, his own Sports Gone South, Yahoo! Sports’ From the Marbles, and countless other places, are throwing down the gauntlet for yet another bet. Like last year, we are wagering one exceptionally written post on the rival’s site that our team will win the season series versus the other’s preferred group of athletic competitors.

In other words, if the Mets beat the Braves more times than the Braves beat the Mets, you will see Jay Busbee on yet another site (this one). But if the Braves beat the Mets more than the Mets beat the Braves, my loquacious literary libations will magically materialize at a potentially peculiar place.

Oh yeah, the loser’s subject: “the most intriguing player (in the history of) the other guy’s team”.

Now the Braves have had some weirdos. Just keeping it in Atlanta, the early odds on favorite is definitely Pascual Perez.


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