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"I don’t make money, money make me" and other pearls of wisdom


In light of the Washington Post firing Kissing Suzy Kolber blogger Michael Tunison, aka “Christmas Ape”, because he “outed” himself as a blogger, I was most surprised by one particular comment. According to Michael David Smith of AOL Fanhouse, “Tunison says at KSK that he can make the same income he was getting at the Post by writing for KSK“.


No way.

Is there that much money floating around that a growing number of people can actually make a living as sports bloggers?

Seriously, that boggles the mind, like trying to catch up to a bottle of Heinz.

You mean I could possibly make money doing this?

With the economy going down the crapper, people around the world rioting in the streets just get a bite to eat, and the price of gas costing the sacrifice of your first born, someone might actually pay me a significant amount to write sarcastic comments about sports?

Now I’ve been sarcastic my whole life and have been blogging for over a year and half. You know how much I have made on these talents?

Not one red cent.

So with that said, best of luck to ol’ Christmas Ape. If all else fails, I’m sure he can find a couch to crash on amongst the KSK family.

In other news …

Governments in foreign countries like to ban things, like the Simpsons. (Global Voices Online)

Jimi Hendrix – the playing card mosiac. (

10 Reasons why Shea Stadium is better than that other New York stadium. (10 Spot Blog)

Like Socrates, women in Iran like baseball. (Global Voices Online) See pics here. (

In closing, a sad story out of the blues music world. Blues singer/ guitarist Sean Costello has passed away at the age of 28. There aren’t that many young blues players and with the older generation getting smaller and smaller, the loss of any bluesperson is a tragic one, especially when they are talented as Costello. (World Music Central) See Costello’s Myspace here.

The Great Jordi has spoken on this, the 18th day of April, 2008.


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