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Month: April 2008

Pakeem Ewinajuwon is a Hall of Famer

This post originally appeared on Yaysports!NBA. (Jordi back. What happened to Cobra? Looks like he abandoned you as well.) Something about Springfield, Massachusetts brings back memories of long-forgotten springs and winters of brisk, white Christmases. I remember walking along Lake Haychtoo-Oh during my years of solitude, pondering man’s place in society and deliberating nature’s true […]

NBA superstars do not live on Endor

This post originally appeared on YaySports!NBA. (Jordi has rocked for a long, long time. He has written posts of wildebeests and angels. He has soared on the wings of a demon.) One of the disadvantages of living in the South is I often get outvoted at my local sports-watching establishments. Yesterday, for example, I strolled […]

Is the NCAA handling Hooters unfairly?

I don’t normally listen to sports radio. Today however I tuned in and heard something that really tweaked my melon. The NCAA, the same people that brought sports the BCS standings, has pulled a Hooters ad from the NCAA Basketball Final Four Official Tournament Program. According to a Hooters of America press release, the NCAA […]

The Return Has Begun

This post originally appeared on Yaysports!NBA. (Jordi here with a big announcement.) For the last few months all the blogosphere has been held in suspense by one man. One man who has vowed to make the world more interesting. To involve the denizens of the Internet in ways never done before. A man of immense […]

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