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What’s the difference between a Gator and a bucket of manure?


A couple things tweakin’ my melon today, so I’m going to rant.

First, I do believe sports blogosphere favorite Erin Andrews has officially entered the B.S.-osphere. For those who might not have heard, in a recent interview the ESPN sideline reporter said she supposedly enjoys laying in bed and watching her beloved Gators play. And of course, bloggers everywhere are scurrying like ants on a sugar cube.

Like Yahoo! Sports’ Eamonn Brennan, I think this phenomenon is partly the bloggers’ fault. But now I also think Ms. Andrews is partly to blame. I think Ms. Andrews is getting to the point where she believes, and it might be true, that she can say anything about herself and people will believe it. Any mere utterance of her personal life, and she knows she will have bloggers running to their keyboards. Especially if she mentions her bedroom.

Oh, she so enjoys laying innocently in bed and viewing the exploits of Tim Tebow?

I call bullshit.

Erin Andrews is becoming just like those Playboy Playmates who claim “intelligence” is a turn-on. These women say things just to keep their core audience interested. Quick, how many Playmates are dating Noble Prize winners? How many are dating rock stars, athletes, or actors? If intelligence was really a turn-on, Stephen Hawking would have bed more women than Wilt Chamberlain.

While I am on the subject of malarkey from the Ville of Gaines, this just about pissed me off:

University of Florida Rated Top Party School

To all current and future students of Florida State University:

This is utterly unacceptable. As Seminoles, we have a responsibility and a tradition to uphold. Those heathens from the south are not and will never be better than us. I am going to assume the Princeton Review missed their annual trip to Tallahassee and just out of ignorance ranked us tenth.



Don’t make me have to drive up there with a few kegs of O’Douls and start my own party. Because I’ll do it.

Oh, and to those from the unmentionable school whom Princeton Review claims is the best party school in the nation:

At least when we won top party school in 1996 and 1999 it was before we won our latest national championship. We didn’t need three championship parties to put us over the top.

Answer: The bucket


2 comments on What’s the difference between a Gator and a bucket of manure?

  1. women say they like brains, but they also say the small ones “feel” better. Women tell lies, they are really good at telling lies to men, and women who make their livelihoods by banking on their celebrity (as she does) are even better at it because they have to stay in the stream to keep their jobs. A woman’s sports knowledge is completely irrelevant in their position as a sports caster. It is a shame but it is true. Their ability to actually do the job has little to do with it. They are either attractive for the job or just plain enough for the producers to say they didn’t get their job for looks. Lisa Guerrero was one of the better sportscasters around in the early 00s and nobody gave her credit for much more than being hot. Well, she was hot, and older than most people realize which is a credit to how hot she was, and the bigtime job in sportscasting that she got on MNF ruined her bigtime sportscasting career. Erin Andrews is not as good at her job as LG was, but she is younger and blonder. Now the WASPs that don’t appreciate the smooth beauty that a woman of color can provide have a girl to drool over for the next two or three years until they get another one.

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