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Walter Dix: The World’s Fastest Seminole


Besides Michael Phelps, the “Redeem Team”, and table tennis, one of the biggest stories I have been following this Olympics in the rise of Walter Dix.

For those not in the know, Walter Dix is the reason the Florida State University Track and Field team is three-time National Champions. Dix, an eight-time NCAA champion and 15-time All-American, is now competing in Bejing. This weekend, he finished third in the 100 meter sprint.

Although I am far from an expert in track and field (although I can run a little better than I can swim – see my post on Michael Phelps), at only 22 years old, I think Walter Dix is going to be one of the next great American runners.

Darren Rovell of CNBC SportsBiz also thinks Dix is going to be huge. According to Rovell, Dix is the recent recipient of the largest contract ever for a track star out of college. Rovell sat down with Dix’s agent, Kimberly N. Holland of Icon Management. Check out the interview.

So now even though Michael Phelps is done and the hoops team seems to be cruising through the competition, I’m still going to watching and rooting for Walter Dix, the world’s fastest Seminole.

Go Noles.


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