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Let P4 throw out the first pitch


Quite a few bloggers are talking about who should throw out the pitch in the first postseason game in Tampa Bay Rays history. According to Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post, the Rays have yet to make a decision. Throughout the blogosphere, the suggestions have ranged from George Steinbrenner to Hulk Hogan to Eva Longoria to Dick Vitale. All viable candidates, sure, but in this case I have to agree with Boswell:


2 comments on Let P4 throw out the first pitch

  1. Ok. WTF? No more thread jacks. The next clown who posts some bullshit link in my post is getting banned. I don’t care if you drop the next theory of relativity, I’m deleting it.

    Stop posting links in my comments.

    And seriously, you think Jeter should throw out the first pitch at the Trop?

    You, sir, are a moron.

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