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A View From The Trop: Part 3 – The World Series


Wow. I never thought I would see the day I would be at the World Series. What began earlier this season as an investment in seeing some baseball has turned into one of the greatest rides as a fan I have ever been on. Unfortunately, it ends here, as my finances won’t allow me to go to any more games. Until next spring, of course.

(Update: as Anonymous hinted at, I didn’t go to the game alone – I brought my dad. Some father-son bonding at the ballpark. Hmmm, I wonder who Anonymous was?)

Not even Nostradamus could have predicted this. It’s the World Series. In my backyard.

The media. Everywhere.

Bud Selig holding court.

General Petraeus talking to Fernando Perez. Last week Perez met Senator Obama. What a week for him.

James Shields dealing. Yup, I saw Shields again.

B.J. Upton driving home a run. Thoughts of booing him out of town and trading him to Pittsburgh for Jason Bay seem so distant now.

All hail King David.

One down, three more to go.

Fans of the Flyin’ Hawaiian look so sad. Too bad.

3 comments on A View From The Trop: Part 3 – The World Series

  1. Sweet, more game photos! Hey, at least you got to see a win–I’m impressed you’re enough of a fan to splurge on one WS game, they are so expensive. I’m rooting for the Rays, of course–unless I’m running for public office in Pennsylvania, ha. Liked your post about pandering the other day too.

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