The only debate and election that matters

By | October 18, 2008

Unfortunate Update: Due to a federal investigation, the Pimp of the Year vote has been taken offline. Whether or not this will be temporary remains to be seen. Rumors are abound as to the cause of the collapse.

Initial reports have claimed the Bourbon Street Mafia threatened to break the kneecaps of anyone who did not support them. Other reports claimed the Rated R Afro Star gave candy cigarettes to kids so they would vote for him. Yet a third report claimed the mysterious Gargoyle, who was in the lead, was affiliated with a group called People Overruling Polls Conquering Old-fashioned Regular Norms (POPCORN). POPCORN supposedly found Bigfoot and the Yeti and had them vote for the Gargoyle against their will.

As I hear more I will be sure to let my readers know. In the meantime, swing by the Afro-Squad website. Maybe they’ll have it fixed. Maybe once it’s fixed I can win fair and square.


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