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What type of victory would you rather have?


We are only about two and a half hours from Game 7 of the ALCS. As the world prepares to cheer on the Rays, I have an interesting question for everyone.

What would you rather have: your favorite sports team win their championship for four straight years or your pick for president win the election?

(Note: I can’t stand the idea that politics is a sport. It’s not. It’s based on compromise. Sports is black and white. Politics in a democracy should be the sharing of power by members determined by the people. Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. Politics has become the ultimate nation-wide sport – “we’re winning this state” – “he is up by five points” – “we won”. It’s all rather depressing. End rant.)

Although having a presidential candidate win might prove that your opinion of the future direction of the country is the majority, the efforts of your presidential pick could easily be thwarted post-election by a stubborn Congress. Hence, your victory becomes more of a frustration.

Having your favorite sports team dominate for four years, however, means they are the champions. No one can dispute it, block it, filibuster it, disrupt it, or otherwise ruin your reign.

So what will it be? Your favorite sports team winning four straight championships or your presidential pick being voted into office?

And would you sacrifice the chances of one for the chances of the other?


2 comments on What type of victory would you rather have?

  1. Without a doubt, I’d rather see my presidential choice end up in the White House.

    Sports is nice as a way to get away from real life for a little bit (or as I noted in my post last night, as a forum to provide concrete examples for otherwise abstract ideas in life), but that’s all they should be, a getaway, not to be taken too seriously.

    I actually talked about this with a friend last night. He’s out of his mind about the Red Sox right now – we were at a minor league hockey game and missed half of the second period so he could catch an inning or two on a monitor on the concourse. I told him I just wasn’t as passionate anymore because I have so many other responsibilities like work and family, but when I was his age, I went just as nuts about the team.

  2. hands down the election.

    In fact, i would take the deal that all my sports teams don’t win for the rest of my life to get my election choice. but no one has offered it

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