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Will The Bad Economy Mean A Quicker End For Bobby Bowden?


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There is no question we are in tough economic times. Unemployment is up, the stock market is down, and people don’t know which way to turn. The credit catastrophe, the housing bust, and lack of consumer confidence have affected nearly every part of our lives. The operation of our beloved Seminoles is no exception.

We all know attendance is down at Doak Campbell Stadium this year. There are a lot of ideas behind why, but the most prominent is that people just don’t have the expendable money to travel to Tallahassee, even if hotels are removed their “minimum two-night stay” rule.  But that’s not the only way the economy is putting the squeeze on the Noles.

Last week the Associate Press put out an article, ran throughout the Internet as well as in USA Today, that explored the impact of the economy on booster donations. The AP article discusses the problems that schools such as Georgia, Washington, and Nebraska are facing to maintain their level of booster donations. The article also details the plight of Oklahoma State, where booster T. Boone Pickens’ record-breaking donation is slowing melting away due to a plummeting stock market.

So how will this affect Bobby Bowden? Well, I’ve often heard that one of the main reasons for keeping Bobby Bowden around, despite his advancing age, a continuous barrage of personnel infractions, and a diminished national stature was that Bowden could bring in the dollars. My opinions was that Bowden’s legacy and his persona as the face of Florida State Football have been invaluable in getting people to open up their wallets, even when the team’s record was less than stellar. Bowden has been a money making machine the athletic department could not afford to give up.

But what happens when the well dries up? What happens when the people can’t afford to give? From what I can tell, fans are growing more and more comfortable with Jimbo Fisher and the idea of Bowden’s succession. So might the administration start to give Bowden a push out the door? If the money isn’t coming in, why keep him around?

So what do you folks think? Is the booster pinch affecting Florida State? Are you giving less to athletics? And could the bad economy mean a swifter end to the legendary career of Bobby Bowden?


5 comments on Will The Bad Economy Mean A Quicker End For Bobby Bowden?

  1. For now it hasn’t affected my FSU spending habits, but that’s easy for me since I live in Tallahassee. However, if the economy continues on its current path, then it’s a distinct possibility that I’ll reduce the number of games I go to each year. HDTV makes it a harder choice than in previous years.

  2. Enjoyed this article. If a program lacks tradition, it can be hard to sell out a huge stadium without a competent product.

  3. Coach Bowden recently said in an interview that he figures that the winniest coaching career record that he and Coach Paterno each want badly, will go to the coach who lives longest!

    Coach Spurrier recently commented on his lack of enthusiasm for a lengthy career. Without naming Coach Bowden or Coach Paterno, Spurrier said that he would not be a Figurehead Coach going for a record while the real coaching worked in the shadows.
    Coach Spurrier is not one of my favorites and never will be, but he makes a good point.

    FSU is not selling as many tickets, even when offering special deals at the last minute! Yes, the nose diving economy is not helping; however, let’s not forget the raising of ticket prices, donor fees, and the recalculations of ticket distributed by ranking. We also need to consider the negative headlines about cheating, skipping classes and fights. My family’s season seats have been the same for a few years, and we have seen different people to the left, right and to the rear slowly increasing the one ticket holders in the stands. Since we all believe that money talks, I think it’s safe to say, that there will be a limit to the patience of donors and season ticket purchasers when we do not have continued success in the ACC and in the national rankings.

  4. There are already those speaking of not renewing this offseason if the administration fails to give Jimbo more control.

  5. I would love nothing more than to see Bobby go out as the winningest coach in college history and rightfully he should. But I have been to every home game and most away games for the past four years, and it isn’t very often when I see Bowden with a head set on. Not to say that he isn’t helpful and he still is the head coach but I have to agree with the earlier comment that he is more of a figure head coach and the real coaching is going on in the shadows by Jimbo.
    I believe this may be Paterno’s last year (crossing my fingers) and that Bobby may continue one more season so that he can go out as the winningest coach.
    I would just like to state that I have the up-most respect for Bobby Bowden and my Noles.

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