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End of 2008 Deep Ponderment: What happens to breast implants?


Expect to see a few random thoughts as I clear out the brain and my notebook for 2009. Some I may bundle together, but I think most will deem their own post.

Archeology, Anthropology, and Breast Implants

One of the things I have always wondered is what happens to breast implants when the implantee dies. Do breast implants follow a person into the crematorium?

According to this website, implants do get cremated. But there might be environmental consequences. That’s not good.

But can breast implants be kept by the surviving as a memento?

I hate to sound too materialistic, but there are women who are best known for their breasts. Dolly Pardon, Pamela Anderson, and a wide array of artificially enhanced porn stars comes to mind. What if a husband wants to keep them as a way to remember his wife? Or what if a museum is willing to pay an exorbitant amount to display them? Depending on the amount, that money could help pay for burial services or help the inheritance of future generations.

Can breast implants be buried with the person?

Something about burying people with artificially enhanced body parts just seems weird to me. Not that someone shouldn’t be buried with a fake leg or an artificial arm; those are essential body parts. But I would think cosmetic pieces such as fake teeth, fake breasts, or hair extensions should be removed.

Imagine a time 10,000 years from now, a time when the human race has died off due to any one of many catastrophes (war, famine, etc). Imagine a race of aliens comes to Earth and discovers there was at one point a dominant species on our planet. Imagine they start alien archaeological digs to find out who this species was and what their culture was like. Along the way, a few of the graves they open have two silicone orbs among the bones of the deceased. How are they to ever imagine that these orbs were attached to the breast area? What conclusions will they come to on the orbs’ place in human culture?

This is the type of stuff that worries me. Not because I have a fascination with death or boobs, but because I care about humankind’s image 10,000 years from now. Even after we are all gone, I still think we should put our best foot forward. I wouldn’t want an alien race thinking those with breast implants were some sort of royal elite ruling class. That would be weird.


4 comments on End of 2008 Deep Ponderment: What happens to breast implants?

  1. As a woman with a naturally well endowed bustline (38D), I sometimes wonder why women go to such great lengths to go through these unnecessary surgeries to make themselves look like this “perfect” image we as a society have come to think is acceptable. Sure, people argue that “It will help out my self esteem tremendously if I had a bigger bra size.” But at the end of the day, I’m a believer that we should love the way we are…the way God himself created us to look.

    That being said, I can honestly say I’ve never once thought about what happens to breast implants once a woman dies. Surely nobody in their right mind would believe that some 60-70-80 something year old woman walking around has perkier breasts than a 20something year old woman with natural breasts is normal. And if what you said about them having a significant effect environmentally is true, than people shouldn’t be buried with them? And what if said implantee wants to be cremated? Surely burning silicone isn’t good at all, and does saline have any effects or hazards if its burned?
    Like you said, this is a weird concept. And I guess its some food for thought. Great write up Jordi! Look forward to seeing what else you write about as this year comes to a close.

  2. I read this article, not because I have a fascination with death or humankind’s image 10,000 years from now, but because I care about boobs.

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