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End of 2008 Deep Ponderments: Homeless dogs, multi-wife violence, foreign flags, and a batch of fresh links


Expect to see a few random thoughts as I clear out the brain and my notebook for 2009. Some I may bundle together, but I think most will deem their own post.

First a question:

Why are dogs the pets of choice for the homeless? Why don’t homeless people wander the country with cats, lizards, turtles, or fish? Where do homeless people get these dogs? Does the humane society let homeless people have dogs? Or are there that many stray dogs out there that strays and the homeless make a natural match, like peanut butter and chocolate?

Now a link:

Over at Pomp Culture, I took the task of defending Ebenezer Scrooge. Although he was a penny pincher, old Scrooge wasn’t that bad.

Now another question:

Is the rate of spousal abuse lower in polygamist households? Could that be an advantage to polygamy, that perhaps one wife can talk the husband out of assaulting another wife? I would think that if there was someone to diffuse the situation or even come to the physical defense of the assaulted, there would be less violence. Unless of course there is wife-on-wife violence, or one wife convinces the husband to assault another wife, or perhaps the husband assaults all his wives.

A second link:

For those who want to stay up on their Florida State basketball, I wrote my reaction to their latest game against number three-ranked Pittsburgh over at

A third question:

What is the proper method of disposing of non-U.S. flags in the United States? There is rules and protocol for the destruction of an American flag, but what about flags of other nations? Does the American Legion or VFW take foreign flags? Do these organizations know flag destruction protocol for all 200+ nations? Are there any countries that require the owner to mail the flag to the U.S. embassy in that respective country? What about countries that don’t have a U.S. embassy, such as Iran? This is why I don’t own any foreign flags.

And last but not least, a third link:

Check out the new updates over at Did you know the Afro-Squad was denied bailout money from the U.S. government? Those cheapskates.

(About the image: way back in April, someone in Seattle was shooting darts at pigeons. I thought the picture was interesting in a Steve Martin-wild-and-crazy-guy sort of way.)


2 comments on End of 2008 Deep Ponderments: Homeless dogs, multi-wife violence, foreign flags, and a batch of fresh links

  1. dogs are more loyal than turtles or cats… I own a cat, and this mofo would leave town if I opened the front door and he wouldn’t come back.

    and to think I feed this mofo when he wants to eat, knowing he’d run off without coming back actually pisses me off

  2. I am sure your cat would miss you. Deep down, I think he would. After a few months of being homeless, of course.

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