Instead of writing lengthy prose about the upcoming big game here in Tampa (by the way, welcome Steelers and Cardinals fans) or waxing poetic about Barack Obama or Martin Luther King (who I did meet once, but he thought I was somebody else), I am just going to give you a bunch of links. I’m lazy.

1) Here is a cool video from Metacafe of Jim Morrison of The Doors when he was at Florida State:

2) This website listed all musicians throughout the world who died in 2008. It starts in December, and has links for all the other months. Sadly, it’s a long list.

3) Brian, formerly known as The Cavalier, gives advice for aspiring screenwriters. One day I am going to famous for writing something thanks to Brian’s advice.

4) In mid-November I wrote a post lamenting the loss of Sirius Radio’s old-school hip-hop channel. Well, the long national nightmare is over. Sirius/XM decided to acquiesce to the demand of its members and bring back Backspin. Don’t call it a comeback, the Backspin is back.

5) Here is a book about the ballads of drug dealers in Mexico and the Southwest United States.

6) Here is an interesting video of beach wrestling in Senegal. It ain’t quite WWE, but I think it’s interesting nonetheless.

Enjoy. I’ll be back later in the week.

  1. You met Martin Luther King Jr.?

  2. Yeah, I met Dr. Martin Luther King in 1962 in Memphis, Tennessee. I walkin’ down the street minding my own business, just walking on. Feelin’ good. I walk around the corner, a man walk up, hit me in my chest, right. I fall on the ground, right. And I look up and it’s Dr. Martin Luther King. I said ‘Dr. King?’ and he said ‘Ooops, I thought you were some body else.’