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The need for Disney, Pharoahe Monch, Saddam’s Nephew, the end of Shea Stadium, and a funny video from Mofro


A bunch of links for your Thursday enjoyment:

First, I wrote a must-read over at Pomp Culture: Why Disney Is The Key To Economic Recovery. In summary, I say Disney must play an essential role in brainwashing women to spend again.

Second, from the check-out-my-buying-prowess-department, I recently purchased a hip-hop CD that I’ve wanted for a while: Pharoahe Monch’s 1999 release Internal Affairs. Best known for the song “Simon Says“, Internal Affairs is a pretty good CD. What is most significant, however, is the fact that I bought it for only 99 cents.

Why is it a big deal that I bought a CD in the bargain bin? Because this CD is out of print and, due to a sampling dispute, will never be printed again. Even the used copies on Amazon sell for at least $30.

(By the way, maybe someone can clear up something for me. It seems you can’t sample even a second of a movie or a song without permission, but what about written works? What if I wanted to copy a couple of pages of War and Peace on to my blog? Just a few pages, nowhere near the whole book. Could I do that? What are the limits before the lawyers come find me?)

Third, according to Egyptian Chronicles (via Global Voices Online), Saddam Hussein’s nephew, Al Hussain Arshad Yassin, blogs over at Crime … Is a Human Instinct. He is deeply philosophical and intellectual, but his site does come with a warning that his thoughts might not be agreeable to everyone.

Fourth, according to MetsBlog, Shea Stadium is no longer. The final piece of the Mets former home was dismantled at 11:26 AM Wednesday. On a personal note, seeing Shea go is a little depressing, as it was where I saw my first big league game. Granted, now I see the Rays all the time, but when I was a little kid, going to see the Mets once or twice a year was a thrill. A big shout-out to my Dad for taking me to Shea back in the day and getting me into baseball.

Last but not least, check out the new video “On Fire” from Florida-based soul/funk band JJ Grey and Mofro. I’ve talked about these guys before and they are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. Not only is the song awesome, but the video is hilarious.


2 comments on The need for Disney, Pharoahe Monch, Saddam’s Nephew, the end of Shea Stadium, and a funny video from Mofro

  1. First, your picture. Wow, graphic much?

    Second, as a woman who also grew up loving, and loves to this day, Disney movies, I must say that I doubt the economy would get any better if we all turned into selfish, high maintenence , spoiled and self-centered snobby bitches. Sure, the idea of finding Prince Charming, having a dream wedding and living happily ever after with all the materialistc bullshit is not only unappealling to me, but its also simply unrealistic. To claim that Disney brainwashes us women is in my opinion obsurd. I’d take finding my Prince Charming, having a wedding and a long, happy life together that’s within our means…that’s my idea of happily ever after.

    Thirdly, hearing about Shea Stadium being no more is heart wrenching. I’m not a fan of the Mets, but as a fan of baseball, Shea was a storied and special ballpark. Hang onto you memories of Shea Jordi, they’ll last you a lifetime. Now you have the Rays and the Trop to make new memories in!

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