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Eddie Griffin at the Tampa Improv, Saturday, March 28th, 2009


I saw comedian Eddie Griffin at the Tampa Improv Saturday night. Although I think I hurt the experience by watching Eddie Murphy’s Delirious the night before, Griffin is one funny dude.

A few of the subjects he covered:

– Why the founding fathers were coke heads
– The true meaning of library (bury lies), congress (cons digress), and constitution (con institution)
– Why loud women are loud and why they don’t get men
– The art of cunnilingus (normally I am not a fan of sex humor – too easy and extremely overdone – but Griffin was funny)
– Why the stage at the Tampa Improv sucks
– Why Barack Obama is a “black man’s black man” (of course he didn’t say “black man” – use your imagination)
– Why President Obama did Bill Clinton a favor by making Hillary Clinton Secretary of State and giving her a job that requires her to be frequently out of the country
– Why he only smokes cigarettes made by Native Americans
– What Bernie Mac and Richard Pryor are currently up to in heaven

Like I said, after watching Delirious I could see Murphy’s influence on Griffin. And when Griffin went into his discussion of Michael Jackson’s voice and its lack of manliness, it was almost as if he was ripping Murphy off word for word. Then again, in defense of Griffin, making fun of Michael Jackson never gets old.

My only disappoint was after the show when Griffin took off and didn’t spend any time with the fans. Although I wanted a pic with one of the most famous characters to don a ‘fro, I was lucky in that one of the Improv staff hooked me up and got Griffin to sign my Undercover Brother DVD insert.


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  1. I guess u kno by now, but Eddie's nephew & one of his friends got arrested outside the Improv & Eddie had 2 go bail them out!

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