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The Private Premiere of Who Shot Mamba?


As they do for many major motion pictures, the who’s who of the entertainment industry were in Orlando last night to see the grand premiere of the Internet-famous movie Who Shot Mamba?. It was a red carpet affair featuring famous actors, funnymen, former reporters, current bloggers, and more beautiful women than you could shake a stick at. Even the paparazzi were in full force, with media outlets from around the world doing media things and sending media messages. The Central Florida premiere of Who Shot Mamba? was not just an occasion, it was an event.

Ok, maybe not quite …

To tell you the truth, the famous actor? Me (for my role as a time-traveler in the latest Afro-Squad movie). The funnyman? Me (if you think the Afro-Squad is funny or you like heckling pro wrestlers). The former reporter? Me. The current blogger? Me, again. The beautiful women? The famous alexiskn and her friends (definitely not a lie there).

Ok, so maybe the world-premiere private screening of Who Shot Mamba? was more private and exclusive than planned. Maybe the entire viewing audience could have fit in the booth at the local McDonalds. But regardless of the turn-out, and no matter the size of the gate, the showing, which took place in an independent film house, was definitely a success. The venue was clean, the movie looked and sounded great, and those in attendance were definitely engrossed.

As for the movie itself, it did live up to expectations (What do you expect? I am mentioned in the credits.). Despite waiting nearly three years to find out the mystery behind who killed everyone’s favorite charismatic snake, I was impressed. Who Shot Mamba? has a good story, good performances, and enough subtle inside references to the NBA blogosphere to make a sports blogger remember the good times, before the dark specter of tabloid sensationalism and voyeurism seized the sports blogosphere by its collective thoat.

So to those who hosted, thank you. I had a great time. To those who missed out, don’t miss out again. And to those who are curious as to when they can see Who Shot Mamba?, don’t worry, from what I hear the answer is soon, very soon.

(By the way, the rumor that I punched a member of the paparazzi, destroyed his camera, and spit in his face is unequivocally false. I did not destroy his camera.)


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  1. Jordi, I'm so envious right now it isn't even funny (ok, it is). Well at least ONE of us got to meet Alexis, I suppose. (Hunkers down in mom's basement with pillow, cries.)

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