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Today is SeriousTipMas


Today is The Serious Tip’s 3rd birthday. Three years. In Internet years, that’s a long time to be blogging. Here in the online world, where a week of popularity gets you a million hits and a cup of coffee, I’ve been around for an eon. I’ve seen ’em come and seen them go. I’ve seen people turn their blogging habit into a living and others who have walked away and moved to other pastures.

The Serious Tip started during the Great Sports Blog Emergence of 2006, when sports-related blogs were popping out of the wazoo. Back then I would definitely call myself a “sports blog”. I wrote about the Mets, Knicks, and Noles nearly every post. As the days, months, and years went on, I wrote less about sports, although I have written a lot about the Rays. Even with the success of the local teams on my mind, I have drifted further and further from the sports label. Now, I wouldn’t even call myself a sports blogger. I am more of a “whatever I feel like” blogger.

If I would have to venture a guess as to why The Serious Tip is drifting, I would say that I am getting bored. I still love writing. I love knowing that someone is reading what I write. I love telling stories. I love delving into views and aspects that most people don’t think of. Most of all, I love creating. But unfortunately I am not sure if I am attaining those goals here currently at The Serious Tip.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not planning on abandoning my group of very loyal readers. Some of you have been here since day one. For that I am definitely appreciative. Don’t worry, whatever happens I fully want this site to be part of my personal expansion and development. I have put too much work in to walk away from The Serious Tip. But if you see a few changes around here, please be patient and embrace them. After three years, it is time for The Serious Tip and my writing career to grow up.

Thanks for three great years and here’s to many more. Happy SeriousTipMas.


3 comments on Today is SeriousTipMas

  1. Congrats, Jordi!

    I'm glad I'm still around to welcome you to the Three-Year Club (of course, I've only posted at OMDQ 58 times this year, so my own membership in said club is currently under review).

    Maybe it's just because I've trended this way myself, but I find it normal to start writing about a variety of topics. When you think about it, sports is a fun but narrow subject. Branching out to other stuff allows you to spread your wings a bit more.

    As long as you're enjoying yourself, though, you're doing something right.

  2. Jordi,

    Many congrats! I understand the boredom at times, and the frustration at times. I've pondered shutting down ScalpEm a lot over 5 years for the same reasons.

    You're a great and intelligent story teller, which is why I added you to my list of stuff to read each day long ago. If nothing else, post whatever comes to mind. It'll lead you somewhere more specific or more fun eventually. I agree with OMDQ, as long as you continue to enjoy yourself, you're doing something right.

    Next time you're in Tally again let me know!

  3. Hey, at least you're better at posting than I am. I'm just completely out of the game nowadays. Happy 3rd birthday! Like any good player, you know to develop your game over time :-)

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