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ESPN listens to reason: No more “Sorority Row” ads during FSU games


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First of all, I want to wish a speedy recovery to NoleCC. I can’t imagine how painful it feels to take a softball to the face. Ouch. Get well soon, dude.

I want to drop a quick post before today’s game to congratulate FSU for taking a stand against something I was shocked to see a few weeks ago. I’m not sure how many people remember, but during the FSU-Miami game ESPN broadcast several ads for the new horror movie “Sorority Row”, a film about a murderer who targets a college sorority.

As many older alumni can attest, a movie about killing sorority girls hits a little too close to home. For those who don’t remember, please google “Ted Bundy Chi Omega”.

Personally, when I first saw the ad, I immediately hit the twitter expressing my opposition:

“A movie about killing sorority girls during an FSU game. Programmers apparently never heard of Ted Bundy.

Apparently I wasn’t the only person bothered by this. ESPN Ombudsman Don Ohlmeyer wrote that he received at least one email regarding the classless ad.

“When a sales opportunity presents itself, it’s incumbent upon ESPN to consider particular circumstances that could give some viewers added concerns about potentially tasteless advertising. Such a case arose in the Sept. 7 Florida State-Miami telecast.

I guess at some point the FSU Athletic Department expressed concern and contacted ESPN on behalf of the entire FSU community. The result, according to FSU’s Rob Parker on, is that ESPN is pulling the ads.

“Three cheers for ESPN which responded to a letter from your Director of Athletics who asked the network to consider not airing advertisements for the horror film Sorority Row during Florida State games in particular and all college events in general.  The network understood FSU’s sensitivity after the Chi Omega murders on this campus and agreed with the suggestion to pull the ads.”

I know Hollywood is going to make horror movies exploiting our fears. It happens. That’s why Psycho and Jaws, etc are so effective. But marketing them to the victims continuously during a sporting event was a little over the top. No matter how long ago something happened, people have to be sensitive to the scars of an atrocity.

Good to see ESPN doing the right thing.


5 comments on ESPN listens to reason: No more “Sorority Row” ads during FSU games

  1. Bravo to all of you who saw the commercials and notified ESPN about the obvious conflict. Good article! Good results!

  2. I live on campus at FSU and they have a sorority row poster in the hall way. So apparently FSU has no problem offending their own students.

  3. Perhaps the student should bring the issue to the attention of the Dorm administration or management. Many times people don’t realize the message that they are supporting. Ignorance is not bliss but sometimes it explains actions. Take time to educate the powers that be!

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