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A Documentary on a Former Florida Wrestling Federation


Like many forms of underground entertainment, independent professional wrestling organizations often vary in lifespan. Some are able to stay active for years, growing an impressive lineup of alumni who hopefully move on to bigger and better organizations, bringing fame and fortune to the organizations in which they started.

Most independent wrestling organizations, however, are not so fortunate. Like restaurants, they close almost as quickly as they open, becoming minor footnotes in the long history of professional wrestling.

Out the long list of these seemingly fly-by-night federations, a fortunate few are somehow able to gain a cult following. Whether due to their matches, the wrestlers involved, or even the fans, these organizations become etched in the collective consciousness of their local wrestling communities. For wrestling fans of West Central Florida area, Pro Wrestling Eklipse was one of those organizations.

Following the footsteps of more well-known stories on the creation and demise of popular pro wrestling organizations such as WCW and ECW, wrestling fan and Afro-Squad member SnowMan, webmaster of wrestling bulletin board, is assembling a documentary on Pro Wrestling Eklipse.

You can see a preview here:


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