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The Alternate Jordi of the Afro-Squad Blog


While admittedly I am not the most hardcore comic book fan, I do know there are several, if not dozens of “alternate universes” in the Marvel and DC canons.

(In all honesty, I never knew where to start when reading comics. If I liked Spider-Man, for example, should I pick an issue at random and start reading? What if I pick issue #281 ? That means there is 280 issues of backstory I wouldn’t know about. I wouldn’t know Spider-Man’s history, his friends, his enemies, and why he is doing what he is doing. But starting at issue #1 would be too costly. Comic book fans, any advice? How did you get started?)

Now just like the characters in Marvel, DC, and other comics, I too am in different universes. Over at The Afro-Squad Blog, the amazingly creative SnowMan has put me in a few pictures and claims I am running for president. This is, of course, quite laughable, as everyone knows I can’t run for president until 2012 when I turn 35.

Perhaps the easiest way to accept the fact that there might be two “Jordi Scrubbings” doing two different things online is to think of the string theory and wave theory of quantum physics. These two theories give credence to the idea that there may be an overarching rhythm to the universe and that there may be other universes that operate on other rhythms.

In the case of the two “Jordis”, think of this blog and as Marvel’s Earth-616 and the Afro-Squad Blog version of “Jordi” as one that comes from a universe set to the unpredictable, uncontrollable, random rhythm of a Beastie Boys/Shaft/Dolemite/Sir-Mix-A-Lot mash-up.

Don’t try to figure it out, just enjoy.

Speaking of enjoy, check out the second webcast of The Jordi Scrubbings Show.


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  1. Good explanation. Another would be, Afro-Squad stiff is just fun BS. Like the weekly world news.

    Also, Jordi is not actually backed by space aliens. They clearly back Obama.

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