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Jordi’s Top Ten Albums of 2009


I’m late on this, I’ll admit. While other blogs had their “best of” lists out just after Christmas, I waited to see if Santa Claus would bring me the music I wanted. Sure enough, two of the top five were Christmas presents. One, however, I just bought a week ago and because I hadn’t done this list yet, I figured I would throw it in at number 10.

And so, without further ado, here is the Jordi Scrubbings’ Top Ten Albums of 2009.

By the way, here are numbers 11-20:

  • Enter the 37th Chamber – El Michels Affair
  • The Devil You Know – Heaven and Hell
  • Wu-Tang Meets Indie Culture Vol 2 – Enter the Dubstep
  • Everyday Demons – The Answer
  • Street Sweeper Social Club
  • Blackout 2! – Method Man and Redman
  • Let’s Do It Again – Leela James
  • Escape 2 Mars – Gift of Gab
  • Lipstick on the Mirror – Pop Evil
  • Dearest Darlin’ – Jenni Muldaur

3 comments on Jordi’s Top Ten Albums of 2009

  1. Can you post a text version of this? For some reason the format you used is blocked by my work’s internet filter.

  2. 10. Them Crooked Vultures – Them Crooked Vultures
    9. Wu-Tang Chamber Music – Wu-Tang Clan
    8. Backspacer – Pearl Jam
    7. Survival Skills – KRS-One and Buckshot
    6. Back From the Dead – Spinal Tap
    5. The Element of Freedom – Alicia Keys
    4. Troubador – K’Naan
    3. Strange Cousins from the West – Clutch
    2. Black Gives Way to Blue – Alice in Chains
    1. Only Built for Cuban Linx II – Raekwon

    Only for you, Shelbs.

  3. Thank you. I dont think I even purchased 10 albums for the year. That is what happens when you have a kid and a house. You find other things take up all your extra cash.

    I did get Clutch, Weezer, both DethKloK albums, and Mind Warp Chamber. No need to rank them. They are all good.

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