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Month: January 2010

Jay Electronica, 5% Influence, and Lyrical Jahiliyya

Thanks to the excellent recommendations of Mizzo and several others, I’ve been recently checking out underground hip-hop artist Jay Electronica (download his unofficial album here). Vastly different from the materialistic, pop-friendly, bling-heavy blather permeating hip-hop radio (how many songs about money can there possibly be?), Jay Electronica drops introspective, socially conscious hip-hop with a great […]

Using culture and patterns to stop cybercrime

While perusing through one of my Florida State University magazines, I found an interesting article on how FSU is one of the leading universities in researching cybercrime prevention and investigating tools. (Do other schools send their valued, cherish, and celebrated alumni a library of magazines and newsletters? I think it is awesome.) As part of […]

My Addiction To To-Do Lists

Today over at the Freakonomics Blog, economist and acclaimed author Steven Levitt discussed a book entitled “The Checklist Manifesto“. Although I haven’t read it, and it does sound interesting (hint: my birthday is in nine months), here is what a reviewer on says about it, The author’s key message is that the volume and […]

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