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Thoughts on Another Type of Signing Day


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As you are probably well aware, “National Signing Day” is this Wednesday. That is the day colleges nationwide find out which current high school football players will join their program in the fall.

Everyone has their opinions on National Signing Day. Many don’t like it. Others think it is a great day to celebrate the future of their favorite programs. Others talk about it out of necessity. Although I personally don’t follow National Signing Day, I don’t pass judgment. In the big picture, people who celebrate the signing of 17-year old super prospects aren’t half as creepy as the people who rate, rank, and write about teen beauty pageants. That’s my 2 cents.

Anyway, when the year’s hype surrounding Signing Day started to surface (check out all my alliteration!), I thought to myself, “What if military recruiting was followed as closely as college recruiting?”

(Yes, this coming from the same person who thought there should be a National Job Draft after every college semester ends.)

Think of the possibilities:

We could create a “National Military Signing Day”, one day where recruits around the country pick their service, their job, and sign on the dotted line. All the recruiting, cajoling, convincing, and selling Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard recruiters do all year-round would pay off on one day.

The military would eat this up. It would be great for public relations. It would put the armed services in the spotlight and better portray them as “cool” alternatives to enrolling in college. Their recruiters could also get a bit of recognition for the work they do, receiving accolades for the amount of 3, 4, or 5-star recruits they bring in.

Not only would the military benefit, but the media would have a field day. The news outlets could report some of the better signings and the Military Channel could dedicate an entire day to the event. It would create a whole new field of analysts and experts.

Imagine the possibilities for insight:

“Well, John Doe is considering an eight-year Army Intelligence deal or the six-year Navy Nuclear Program. With his 129 IQ and incredibly high test scores, he would be a boon for both services. I know both sent in increased recruiting support, to include a visit from Army Retired General Tommy Franks.”

“Jimmy won three Golden Gloves and was on the high school football team. With the Army looking hard for infantry this year, he would be a great pick up. Unless the Marines swoop in with a better last minute offer.”

I bet there would even be websites dedicated to following potential recruits.

Best of all, it would allow us to nationally recognize all of those who are about to put their lives on the line for us. And I’m sure every one would agree that would be a good thing.


4 comments on Thoughts on Another Type of Signing Day

  1. Bravo Jordi! I have two entirely opposite feelings evoked by the post.

    1) It solidifies my feelings that the whims of young men and where they might play football in college is silly. Very silly.

    2) I might actually be interested in the recruiting notes of OTHER things like the military and major tech firms.

    What’s really funny is that, in perspective, I cannot understand why I don’t mind reading / following MLB trades or signings for the Mets, but recruiting doesn’t interest me. Is the money? The age of those involved? The level of professionalism?

    Oh, and btw, the National Job Draft would be awesome. Can you imagine if some super smart guy “fell in the draft” because he doesn’t get along with teams and ended up in some sort of job that was unexpected?

  2. I wish the archives for the FSView were still online, I would have linked to it. It was classic. But that’s a post for another day.

    But I totally agree with the Mets comparison. But do you follow free agency or the draft? Because I would compare signing day to a draft. The baseball draft, as a matter of fact, is probably a great analogy, because you are not going to see most of those guys contribute for 2-3 years, like a college recruit.

  3. Excellent point Jordi… I do not follow the MLB Draft closely at all. I wait until after the fact to see who the Mets drafted and what the prospects might be for the players. Thank you for cleaning up my analogy, since that one makes more sense.

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