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A Facebook Interview with The Cowbell Kid


Everybody likes to talk about how social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are changing the way we communicate. We now have access to anyone we are friends with or following, or lurking, or trolling, or monitoring, or stalking, or whatever the case may be.

One thing I haven’t seen much of however, is people tying these new web tools with traditional blogging.

(It just dawned on me that blogging can’t really be that “traditional”, can it? It’s not like it’s been around that long.)

5452_1128069616360_1665802301_325080_5936857_nSo, in an attempt to blend my Facebook Fan Page with this blog, I decided to have a multi-part conversation/interview with the world-famous Cowbell Kid, fan extraordinaire of the Tampa Bay Rays. I’ve known Cowbell for a bit, so I knew he would be game. What I did was I sent him a question and after he answered it, I sent him another. The fun part was that because it was on Facebook, other fans could see our discussion and comment on my question and his answer, which did happen a few times.

Jordi: So Cowbell, how do the Rays look this year?

Cowbell Kid: Words can’t describe the excitement I am feeling when I look at the roster and realize how much talent we have. The pitching staff (in my opinion) is better than it’s ever been. The defense is solid! And everyone knows that this team can score runs & LOTS OF THEM!

Not too mention the numbers, It’s our 13th season and we have lucky number 13 in left field. “It’s our Season”

Jordi: Hey Cowbell Kid, what Rays player are you most looking forward to watching in 2010?

Cowbell Kid: I am excited to see what Bossman Junior is gonna do this year! He got a Big contract ($3,000,000); he struggled leading off last season but think he will be just fine and put up career numbers this season.

Jordi: Yo Cowbell Kid, what new Rays player do you think will have the biggest impact?

Cowbell Kid: Rafael Soriano is gonna be a huge factor this season and with the departure of Akinori Iwamura I believe Sean Rodriguez is going to make an immediate impact as well. This is quite a team we have, our new catcher Kelly Shoppach is also a huge addition to the roster.

Jordi: Yo Cowbell Kid, who are you looking forward to heckling this year? Any new targets?

Cowbell Kid: Well, Kevin (I cant ignore Cowbell) Youkilis is at the top of my list as usual. He doesn’t get the fact that if he would just ignore me I would leave him alone and his life would be a lot easier. My favorite are those who take it personally (i.e. Nick Markakis, Bobby Abreu, Torii Hunter, Alex Rios). These idiots seem to come unglued and get frazzled. then of course there are those who respect my attention and play along Vernon Wells, Adam Jones, Joba Chamberlain! You know you got the juice when Joba , Adam, Vernon come trotting over to the fence to talk to you every time they see you in the stands … I mean every time too.

Someone once said to me, “OMG, Joba Chamberlain just came over and started talking to you”. I replied “So what?” They were like, “That’s a pretty big deal when high profile players from visiting teams come over and talk to you like they know you.” I answered back, “They do know me”, lol.

Jordi: Hey Cowbell Kid, who is the most famous person to ring a cowbell with you?

Cowbell Kid: Well I have had Rick Baker (St Pete Mayor); Fisher and Boy 97X, they even dressed up in my costume; Virginia Johnson from Bay News 9; BJ Upton wore my blue fro; Todd Kalas (FSN); and many others that shall remain nameless.

Jordi: Cowbell Kid, I heard a rumor that I have to ask about. I heard you weren’t going to be at as many games this year as in the past. Any truth to that? And if so, do you have substitute Cowbell Kids ready for those days you can’t make it?

5452_1128069856366_1665802301_325086_318428_nCowbell Kid: I am gonna be giving the Rays my full support, but it will be from a somewhat less visible forum. I am working a lot more nights than I was the past few seasons, so to the untrained eye it may appear I am not at the Trop as often. However I am going to be holding bigger and better Rays parties at my new job.

For example, if you were unable to get a ticket for Opening Day 2010 don’t have despair cuz ……. I am gonna be throwing one whale of an opening day party at Big Mike’s in Largo (999 Missouri Ave.), in fact we will be helping Tampa Bay to get amped during every game this season. It’s a business endeavor that was birthed by our own bench coach Dave Martinez and former Buccaneer Jerry Wunsch. And trust me we will be doing everything we are able to do in an effort to get the emotion and excitement of this Tampa Bay Rays season burning bright and hot!!!!

Jordi: Cowbell Kid, what’s new on the video front? Any new clips we should check out?

Cowbell Kid: No new clips but I am working on a new concept for a sports televsion pilot. “Cowbell TV”. I am currently developing this project and will get you an exclusive look when it comes to fruition.

Jordi: Ok Cowbell Kid, one more tough question. What’s your take on the stadium issue? Do you think we will see the team move anytime soon? Are they going to Tampa, staying in St. Pete, or moving to Vegas?

Cowbell Kid: I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with the TROP. There are some folks however, that have an obsessive need to de-value it. I don’t think in the next 5 years that they are going anywhere. And definitely don’t think they are going to Tampa. All those people that are making excuses saying, “I would go to more games if they played in Tampa” are doing just that, making excuses! If the team moved to Tampa they’d be the 1st to have some other excuse as to why they weren’t attending games.

Jordi: Hey Cowbell Kid, didn’t you invade Boston and Yankee Stadium last season? Any big trips planned for 2010? Are you taking over Toronto, Baltimore, and the rest of the AL East?

Cowbell Kid: I did I invaded and conquered Yankee Stadium, Fenway, Citifield, Citizens Bank Park, and Camden Yards. This year we are going to Durham, the ATL, & Miami. Last year’s road trip was of epic proportions! But I am raising the bar! I sent $100 to Vegas on the Rays winning the World Series this year. It was only 11 to 1 odds. So basically everyone including the oddsmakers already know that the Rays are gonna win it all!

Jordi: Hey Cowbell Kid, before I wrap this up and post it on my site, is there anything in closing you would like to say to all the Rays fans out there?

Cowbell Kid: This is possibly the best baseball team ever put together! Now is the time you gotta believe! I see the Rays winning the championship this season!!!!!! So please come to the TROP and show your support, be a part of the magic that is and gonna be the best team in baseball this season!!! Go Rays!!!