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The Web Around the World


babak_biggerI was catching up with my Global Voices Online reading today and found a few links about the web and Internet usage around the world that I thought were interesting.

(Yes, I did a lot reading today. I’ve started to use my lunch break to catch up. If I didn’t do that, I would be so far behind. For those who do a lot of writing, when and where do you read?)

  1. As the ordeal between Google and the Chinese government continues, it is the Internet users of China who will suffer the most.
  2. In Venezuela, another government may be considering how to put a clamp on Internet or restricting what can and cannot be published online.
  3. In Iran, bloggers continue to be arrested for expressing themselves and fighting against the Iranian government’s web filtering initiatives.
  4. And last but not least, Russian media is reporting that inmates in the Russian prison system have taken to using social media sites to pass the time.

I find it amazing how different governments are trying to hinder the people from going online or using the Internet to its full capability. I think they either don’t know, or they are scared.


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